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The Three Stages of Ski Season

Skiing is the quintessential winter sport. Skiing provides individuals a thrill like no other. It allows skiers to enjoy the feeling of the cold wind on their skin while taking them to places they have never been before. There are two popular techniques when on the ski slopes – skiing and snowboarding. Skiing is the traditional way of enjoying the sport while snowboarding has been adopted by the younger generation. The upcoming ski season will lend itself to many people enjoying both techniques. The upcoming ski means that all of the ski resorts all over the country will be open for enjoyment and lift passes will be available to all. Depending on the weather conditions, the ski season will be open from mid-winter, when it is at its coldest and mid spring, when the snow is just starting to melt.

There are three stages of the upcoming ski season. The first stage is the off-peak time. Off-peak usually occurs during the very beginning and the very end of ski season when the open lifts are limited. At the very beginning of ski season, people are just starting to venture to ski resorts. At the end of ski season, many of the ski resorts would be closed or have limited operating hours. The second stage of ski season is the shoulder. The shoulder signifies when the mountains are snow-covered but the lift sales are not as high. When there are no lucrative lift sales, most ski resorts do not have a justification for opening up all lifts. The last stage of ski season is peak. Peak is when the ski resorts are at its highest capacity and the lift sales are very significant. Peak is usually during holidays and times when schools and public companies and spaces are closed.

There are many ski resorts that will be open this year for ski season. Two in particular are Squaw Valley Ski Resort and Alpine Meadows Ski Resort. Andy Wirth is the chief executive officer of both Squaw Valley Ski Resort and Alpine Meadows. Andy Wirth has a long history within the mountain resort industry. Wirth, born in Nuebrucke, Germany has 25 years of experience managing and leading many mountain resorts and hotels. Andy Wirth has won countless awards due to his experience in the industry.

Is Gold Still The Smart Money?

Many investors approach the concept of gold investments with fear. Although the concept of gold is nothing new, there has never been a more turbulent time in the world economy. Because of this turbulence, many are questioning whether investing in gold is sound advice. More and more, questions are being asked surrounding the legitimacy of gold as an investment.

Over the past two years, we have heard plenty of stories of how entire countries are purchasing more gold. But in the United States, you hear talk of just the opposite. Many pundits have shunned gold as an investment. Some have even gone so far as to say gold is a worthless investment at the present time. But with only a bit of observation and common sense, it is clear that a move toward gold purchasing is beginning in the markets.

Some experts speculate that there will be a bear rally that will drive the price of gold higher than its current rates. They estimate that this run will boost the value of gold anywhere from 10% to 30%, and they speculate that this bear run could occur sometime within the next 3 to 6 months. The combination of a bear market with a slowing in gold market demand could rally the price of the precious metal significantly. It is likely that a drop-off in bearish speculation will affect the prices of gold, and investors in the know estimate that gold will reach a price of between $1100-$1300 within the next 6 to 9 months.

Now is the time to consider investing in gold. If you have invested in the past, now is the time to consider doubling down your investment efforts. With the upcoming fluctuations and changes in the market, within a year gold will become an incredible investment. One should seek out a knowledgeable company that has significant know-how in all sorts of gold and precious metals investments.

Companies, such as the US Money Reserve was created to help individuals and corporate entities with gold and precious metal investments. US Money Reserve employs over 100 people specializing in various areas of gold and precious metal investments, including appraisals, gold research, and other fields. The company also specializes in specific coin investment vehicles, including mints that are authorized by the U.S. Congress. They specializes in coins from different parts of the world. If there is money to be made from gold coin investment, they have the experience and know-how to guide the consumer to make an informed choice.

For whatever reason, there are people who are trying to dissuade individuals from purchasing gold. With the help of companies such as US Money Reserve, individual investors do not need to be concerned about the validity or value of their purchases. With the company’s expertise and years of market experience, even the beginning investor can find a coin-based investment vehicle that matches their desire and needs.

James Dondero-One of the Top Financial Advisors Today

Are you looking to invest your funds? Are you hesitant about doing so, in view of today’s shaky economy? If so, that is understandable; so many investors are afraid of taking a chance with their finances with financial firms that have little or no experience in handling people’s money. And in a tough economy like this, you need people who know how to hand business right-the first time.

Jim Dondero is one of such individuals. Mr. Dondero, no newcomer to the world of finance, has demonstrated many times over that he can help investors ‘keep their shirts’ on. Maybe that’s why he’s one of the top investors in the country.

James Dondero, Co-Founder and President at Highland Capital, located in Dallas, Texas, has held such a capacity for 22 years, or since 1993 on He has over 30 years of dealing with money; in fact, prior to establishing Highland Capital, he was Chief Executive Officer at Protective Life GIC subsidiary and helped the company to accrue over $2 Billion from 1989-1993.

He has an extensive management portfolio background, which includes mortgage-backed securities, investment grade corporates, leveraged bank loans, emerging market debt derivatives, as well as preferred and common stocks.

Between 1985-1989, he managed $1 Billion in fixed income for American Express. In fact, before coming to American Express, Mr. Dondero completed the financial training program at JP Morgan. Jim Dondero attended the University of Virginia, where he received a BS degree in Commerce (Accounting & Finance). He is a CMA (Certified Managerial Accountant), and has gained the respect and has earned the right to claim the CFA (Chartered Financial Analysis) title.

He also currently serves as Chairman for Cornerstone Healthcare Group, CCS Medical and Nexbank in addition to serving on the Board of Directors of American Banknote Corporation and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

So, as one can see, Mr. Dondero has, as the expression goes, ‘wears many hats’. He has an extensive background in business, so it’s not hard for any investor to see that this is the man they should be investing with.

He has all the business know-how that investors are looking for, he is a man that is clearly at the top of his game.

So, in this messed-up economy, when investors need sound financial wisdom and advice, Jim Dondero is the man they should want to see. He’s there for all who want to do business with a qualified business professional, someone who has proven that not only can he talk the talk, he has walked the walk. And he will make sure that your finances won’t walk away from you.

James Dondero-a man who’s a legend in his time. He has and continues to help many investors to preserve their funds, why not let him help you? You won’t be disappointed.

Heads Propoganda CEO Claudio Loureiro Is On The Cutting Edge

Heads Propoganda is one of the largest domestically-owned advertising agencies in Brazil. The company was started 25 years ago by Claudio Loureiro, a self-made advertising genius, who was always inspired to find new and different innovations. Heads offers very unique advertising and takes risks that many agencies wouldn’t dream of doing. “You have to go out on that limb from time to time,” says Loureiro. Now that the company has grown into one of the largest in Brazil, others are taking notice. It is the Heads philosophy to create a strong client/agency bond. “We want to have a good understanding with our client and with the consumer as well,” says Loureiro.

Claudio Loureiro is considered a genius among entrepreneurs. The Brazilian-born ad executive has secured many clients over the years including Petrobas, 3M, Caixa, Arbor and Positivo Informatica, to name a few. While at the University Pontifica, he studied law but soon became involved with advertising. Since his company’s inception, he has expanded his base and is now one of the biggest producers in Brazil. Recently, he worked alongside Woody Allen to negotiate a film shoot in Brazil.

Loureiro has won many awards for advertising. He is a member of many organizations and is considered one of the brightest and youngest leaders in the country. In 2014, he produced the Broadway show “A Night With Janis Joplin,” which was shown in New York and in certain areas across the U.S.

Loureiro uses his unbridled passion for his country and its intense beauty in much of his advertising. Loureiro is always thinking about new innovations in advertising. New technologies and willingness to keep an open mind has allowed the company’s continued growth.

Searching Out A Leader In SEO Strategy

When looking to grow your business you want to provide your online audience with the information they need. This is the best way to reach clients while gaining SEO ranking. Having meaningful keywords in both your titles and page content allows users to search for the information they are looking for and assists your business in its SEO ranking. Having a keyword strategy that is based on providing useful benefits to your clients will assist you more in the long run than any tricks, such as keyword stuffing.

Researching keywords that are meaningful to your audience will give you a head start on SEO ranking, as well as customer conversion. There are various tools that can provide your business with valuable ideas, about what terms your audience may be searching for. Once you have a list of keywords, you can group these terms into different categories. Once these categories are defined you can then include them logically within the content of your site. When using these search terms, to provide your audience with an easy way to find the information they are looking for, you can use the keywords as titles and headlines through out your page content. Again, the end goal is providing your users with useful information that will keep them engaged and convert them into a continual customer.

Using variations on your targeted SEO keywords will provide additional meaningful content for your audience. Search engines have expanded their capabilities in understanding what the user is looking for. This gives flexibility to the actual content you can use, as long as the intention behind the content remains the same. To ensure maximized results from your keyword strategy, searching out a leader in SEO marketing will give you the peace of mind and business growth that solidifies your decision to implement meaningful content. White Shark Media provides hands on, personal strategy implementation, that has assisted businesses in gaining huge growth in their lead generations and sales rates.

White Shark Media provides dependable services at reasonable rates. The team is always available for your questions and can provide concrete solutions to all of your marketing needs. Having a team of dedicated and skilled SEO experts, allows you to focus on what you do best, providing the services and products your business specializes in. White Shark Media continues to provide value to your business so you can provide value to your customers.

Source: White Shark Blog

Andy Wirth And The 2015-16 Ski Season

Andy Wirth has been the sales and marketing business for over 25 years. He also has much experience managing ski resort companies. He served as vice president of the Steamboat Ski Resort Corporation just before joining the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings team. He currently sits as its president and CEO. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings in turn controls and operates Squaw Valley Ski Resorts and Alpine Meadows in the Olympic Valley of California. During his time with these resorts, they have seen a success before unknown to them.

The continuing success of the resort is largely thanks to Wirth’s great confidence and boldness. For instance, he is fully confident that this season will have amazing results despite the present droughts. Such gut feelings have always proven true. This despite the fact that California has mandated a 27% water cutback during the drought. As a result, during last season the attendance at The Squaw Resorts dropped a whopping 20%. Still, Wirth found an effective strategy in saving a huge amount of money by closing a third of the resort property. As a result, business remained good.
The weather this season is supposed to be even harsher, with El Nino wreaking havoc to weather-dependant businesses. Wirth remains confident that his strategies will continue to work. An additional strategy this year in bringing in snow machines when necessary. However, his gut feeling based on contacts he has maintained with weather experts, is that this season won’t be as bad as originally imagined. That being said, he stands at the ready to do make whatever changes are necessary to maintain a good ski season.

Wirth is so confident that this season will be a great one that he plans to keep Squaw Valley open during Thanksgiving weekend. The resort even plans to start construction of an extension in the near future. This is actually a source of angst for environmentalists who are opposing the more modern encroachment into the wilderness. Through all the obstacles whether weather-related or critic-related, Wirth is fully committed to his resorts. He has come to love his home in the Lake Tahoe area and has a driving desire to see it become great.

While his business grows, Wirth relishes in staying healthy and enjoying the great outdoors to the fullest. And naturally, is world class at that as well, having won Ironman several times. Squaw Valley definitely need not worry with Wirth at the helm.

Doe Deere Is An Influential Leader

Prominent and extremely successful entrepreneur Doe Deere is on a mission to share her renowned business skills with aspiring female executives in many countries
around the world. Throughout the years, this influential leader has
cultivated her beauty enhancement passion by experimenting with many
different makeup colors and brands. Her success as a cosmetic
aficionado encouraged her to launch Lime Crime in 2004, which is a
whimsical makeup corporation that distributes vegan products. As an
inspiring figure, Deere strives to encourage business oriented women
in their career pursuits through online blogs, insightful speaking
engagements, and media outlets. Essentially, she strongly believes
that anyone can achieve remarkable success regardless of their
economic background.

Deere’s admirable accomplishments in the competitive fashion industry
are encouraging many females to pursue their personal and professional
goals. Although the world encompasses many high profile businesswomen,
Deere’s uniqueness lies in her simplistic approach to attaining
profound triumph. Through her blog (Doe Deere Blogazine), the press,
and conferences like PHAMexpo, this well-respected entrepreneur
motivates women with her moving childhood story. Remarkably, Deere was
recognized as one of the “Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs” by
SELF-MADE magazine.

At an early age, Doe Deere truly understood the value of a dollar as her
parents migrated from Russia to the United States with little
financial assistance. She was raised in New York City and often
remembers residing in homeless shelters with individuals who could
identify with her family’s struggles and challenges. Because she
amassed great success without her parent’s financial support, Deere
sought to encourage women who endured similar childhood obstacles. In
fact, her most popular inspirational quote is “don’t quit your
daydream.” Through this expressions, she hopes to inspire female
entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses in their unique pathway to
revolutionary victory.

Deere frequently attributes her profound entrepreneurial achievements
to the principles she learned as a child. Because her parents stressed
the importance of hard work and determination, she approaches business
concerns with skill and finesse. This deeply rooted problem solving
skill has served her well, especially as she introduces innovative
products to the competitive beauty sector.

Today, Lime Crime is expanding their line of makeup to create a
well-rounded collection. In the past, their most popular dazzling
products were the “Velvetines: liquid-to-matte lipstick”, the “Venus
Grunge Palette,” Zodiac Glitter,” “Candyfuture,” “The Clueless Witch,”
“Carousel Gloss,” and the “Unicorn Lipsticks.” In order to complement
these bright and wild selections, Deere is developing neutral tones,
which are still unusual but wearable. She plans to sell these new
shades on websites like and as well
as in stores such as Naimie’s Beauty Center, Urban Outfitters, Vorana
Cosmetics, Derby Shop, and I Love Makeup. These retail outlets are
located in California, New York, Mexico, Brasil, and Russia,
respectively. Notably, all of Lime Crime’s products are cruelty-free.

Alongside her prominent business pursuit, Deere truly enjoys writing on her
blog, learning new languages, and creating interesting artwork. She
currently lives in Los Angeles California with her husband and two

Gold Can Be A Risky Yet Valuable Investment


Experts say gold is the investment of the future. In certain areas of the world — China, India and Turkey — gold is in high demand. The U.S. has the largest amount of gold. Thirty-three tons of gold is said to be in the U.S., although only about 15 has been found. That means we have a good supply of gold just waiting to be mined. While gold performance has been pretty good domestically, it has done even better in other countries. While the demand for gold jewelry continues to rise, the same cannot be said for raw gold. In some areas globally, the demand for gold has doubled, and even tripled over the last few years.

Recycled gold has accounted for about 35% of the world’s market. Just a few short years ago, gold prices peaked to a record of $1,920 an ounce. Many experts say that by 2017, gold prices should rise over $2,000 per ounce. Stock market indications project that if the gold market crashed, the dollar value would increase.

Serious investors thinking about purchasing gold and other precious metals should look to U.S. Money Reserve. The reserve is one of the largest supplier of gold in the world. According to experts at U.S. Money Reserve say that gold is solid, lasting and long-term security. The reserve offers coins, bullion or a mix of both depending on what their short or long-term needs.

According to Forbes Magazine, there are three good reasons to buy gold right now: gold is priced near its average cost; for diversification. All investors should have at least 1-2% of gold in their portfolio and because of the value. The price of gold can be driven by a variety of factors including politics. In the long term, it can be a nice financial egg in the basket.

Most experts agree that gold can definitely be a safe haven for investors. Unfortunately, the cost of gold sees its best rise after the stock markets crash. Golds can have highs and lows. All investors should research the market thoroughly to figure out the best time to invest.

Susan McGalla Is A Successful Businesswoman Who Believes In Herself

Many girls may dream of becoming a businesswoman one day, but they may be afraid that that is something that they will not be able to do. They might not have much confidence in themselves and their abilities, and if so, then all of that needs to change. It is time that girls realized that they should not be afraid to go after any dreams that they have. If they want to be a businesswoman, and if they feel that they have something good to offer to the business world, then they should put their full effort into making a career in business happen.
All that it takes for a girl to become a great businesswoman is a lot of ambition. She will need to keep working toward her goal until it happens. She will have to believe in herself and all that she can do, and she will have to work hard to make sure that she is always giving her career her all. It will take time and dedication in order for a girl’s career to turn into something big, but it will all be worth it when that day happens, and the girl finds herself becoming a respected businesswoman.
Susan McGalla on bizjournals has done many things that have made her respected through the years, and many girls look up to her for what she has done to make her career happen. She has believed in herself and what she could do with her life since she was a little girl, thanks to the way that her parents raised her, and she took that belief with her as Susan McGalla worked toward her career. It was the confidence that she had in making a good career happen that drove her to see success, and every girl should keep that in mind as she sets out toward her career.
Any girl who wants to have a career in the business world should give it her all. She should do everything that she can to make it happen for herself. She should not be afraid of the challenges that she will face, but she should instead learn from them and grow in everything that she does. There are so many great things that a girl can do with her life if she only just gives this a chance. One day, when she is a successful businesswoman, she will be glad for all of the work that she has done.

Brain’s Skills in Financial Investment

As the effects of technology and globalization continues to drive the world into a more complex financial system, the world is turning to financial investors for solutions to the looming problem. The current growth in the financial markets on a global scale have greatly contributed to the issues that have been creating investment challenges for both individuals and corporate in the world today. With the risks and volatility of the industry, one can only be too careful to avoid unbearable pain in the event of a wrong move in the investments markets. As such, people with the expertise to see and analyze the trends of the market like Brian Bonar have become very useful in the society.

Brian Bonar is a highly respected member of the business society and he has built a name for himself with his several business startups that he has achieved under his belt. He is a renowned businessman and investor whose opinion on investments is highly regarded by players in the industry. When it comes to investment, nobody would want to lose their financial resources from investment that have gone bad. As such, services offered by professionals in the field like Bonar are crucial. This is what has made him very famous among his peers in the field and his reputation can be attributed to his ability to do so.

Brian Bonar has been in the field for years now offering financial advice to businesses and individuals. The paradox about his current career is that he is not a trained financial adviser since he has never done any course that is associated with anything to do with business. Nonetheless, he has gained a great wealth of experience in the field and this has sharpened his skills to make him one of the greatest financial advisers around the globe. He is however well educated with bachelors and a master’s degree in engineering to his name. He has come a long way to reach his current position as a financial adviser.

One of the greatest attributes that are easily picked up on Bonar’s character include his level of creativity. Over the years of his career, Bonar has been associated with a number of business management models that are being used in the organizations that he has had the privilege to serve. He has worked in various organizations in top leadership position sand he has influenced numerous growth stunts everywhere he goes. This can be attributed to his great skills in developing structure a creative characteristic that he developed while he was a child. He pursued his degrees in engineering to further his passion in creating structures only he did not know he would end up creating managerial working structures.