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Brazil Offers More Than Coffee Beans For Investment

We have all heard about the Brazilian beach climate, but what have we heard lately about the Brazilian Investment Climate?

In the last couple of years, Brazil has become more attractive to global investors. The Brazilian economic system has grown stronger partially due to very low unemployment and the influx of foreign investment has risen. Their chief products still reside in agriculture, gas and oil, and mining continue to populate the country’s leading industries. In Brazil, as in many countries, there is the ongoing need for general education, and health care providers and services. All of this makes Brazil very attractive to many large business leaders in the world, thus expanding areas of investment and additional growth possibilities.

The growth of an agricultural and mining country like Brazil invites industry, new resources and expands the already developed areas and affords the country further growth in investment areas. The country is extremely rich in minerals and has tremendous growth possibilities. The Amazon rainforest is virtually unexplored with tremendous resources, mostly unknown at this time.

The steel industry in Brazil is ranked in the top dozen steel providers, with the rise of other metals, minerals and stones being mined at an increasing rate.

With the economy under control, opposed to so many other nations worldwide, Brazil appears to offer a more stable formula for investment with less fluctuation and leaning toward stability and upward growth patterns.

Their import and export business is steadily growing over the last six years. Let’s not forget the Brazilian Coffee Bean has always been a huge export item along with crude oil, soybean and sugar cane. Products we will continue to consume at a steady rate. The main product that comes out of Brazil is the iron ore and iron ore concentrates.

Zeca Oliveira, a fund manager, sees the business potential of Brazil and the reason it has become such an attractive business investment.

Zeca Oliveira, reports that there are 50 Brazilian stocks that trade in the United States in the form of ADRs (American Depository Receipt) from banking to real estate, utilities and general staples. Brazil also has a very sophisticated security exchange system called BM&F with several hundred firms listed on the exchange. Oliveira purports the stability of Brazil opens areas for investment that have never been tapped. He feels that investing now in Brazilian market would be excellent timing and may not always be available.

How To Choose The Best Lawyer In Brazil To Handle Your Case

If you have a legal issue in Brazil, you want to get a lawyer as soon as possible. Choosing a lawyer shouldn’t be a difficult task. But you will want a lawyer who has expertise in the type of case you have. After all, your lawyer is the expert you will rely on to advice and help you make the best decisions about your case.

A lawyer can be involved in your case throughout the legal process, or provide advice on a very limited basis. The type of case or issue you are dealing with will determine how long you will need to work with your lawyer. Not all lawyers in Brazil are created equal, so it is important to choose wisely in order to retain a competent lawyer.

Schedule an appointment once you have obtained a list of potential lawyers in Brazil, and go and meet with each lawyer. Ask whether he or she has dealt with your situation, about the lawyer’s success rate, how difficult your case will be to handle, how much does the lawyer charges, and finally find out when the lawyer is ready to take on your case. Get as much information from the lawyer as you can. The lawyer may need to do some research so allow enough time for the lawyer to complete the brief research.

Also you want to be sure you find out about lawyers fees, and how you will be billed. Make sure any agreement you have with the lawyer, is written down and signed by both parties. If there is anything you do not understand, ask questions and make sure it’s clear to you before you sign in agreement.

Having a powerful lawyer on your side will give you the assurance and peace of mind that you will get the best possible outcome in your situation. So take this matter seriously, and choose the best lawyer in Brazil with the best success rate.

Ricardo Tosto is a prominent professional in Brazilian legal practice. He has a wealth of experience and is well respected in the legal community and by his clients for his or her high-quality client service. He is a highly experienced corporate litigation lawyer with an impressive list of clients and successes. Ricardo Tosto is regarded as one of the best lawyers in the Brazilian legal system. Ricardo Tosto owns some of the largest law firms in Brazil.

Pursuing Economics And Success Of Christian Broda

An Economist is someone who has studied the distribution and production of products, services and resources. They are responsible for analyzing and researching economic issues. These professionals conduct surveys and collect data, which is then, analyzed using statistics and mathematical techniques.
Economists use economic analysis in fields such as education, environment, health and development. The analysis is usually made by studying historical trends. The federal, state and local government hires most economists. Economists also work for various corporations by helping them understand how their business will be affected by the prevailing economic conditions in the country. Research firms and think tanks need economists to assist them in maximizing profits and minimizing costs in their corporations.
For one to become an economist, he or she must have a masters or a doctorate degree in economics. A student that has a bachelor’s degree in any business field, with a strong mathematical background can pursue an advanced degree in economics. Any graduate having a bachelor’s degree in economics can apply for an entry-level job in a bid to gain experience in the field of economics and finance. A student can be hired to a higher-level economic job by pursuing an advanced degree. A successful economist has to have analytical skills that will enable him or her to monitor patterns, appraise data and arrive at logical conclusions. Economists should have proper communication skills, as the skills are crucial when one is giving presentations, advising clients and explaining reports that pertain to economic issues.
Christian Broda is an economist and financial professional based in New York. He received his Bachelors in Economics degree from the Universidad de San Andres. He proceeded to get his Masters and later on his Doctorate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is an accomplished author of international finance and trade books. Over the years, he has published in different journals besides speaking in institutions of higher learning and workshops in the areas of economics and finance.
In 2005, he became an associate professor of economics at the University of Chicago. He later on became a tenured professor of economics in the institution, a position he held until 2010. He has held the position of Chief International Economist at Lehman Brothers, which is also known as Barclays Capital. He is currently the managing director of Duquesne Capital management. Christian Broda is married and has two sons.
Economists play a crucial role in enhancing the role of markets within an economy. Proper understanding of economics can see an individual work for Fortune 500 companies and high-ranking government agencies. Christian Broda has been an economist and financial expert who has written many publications and offered public lecture on the same.

Handy Believes in an On-Demand Cleaning Service

Prominent housecleaning and home repair company, Handy, believes an on-demand scheduling platform offers an enhanced experienced for both customers and employees. Currently generating over one million a week in bookings, this renowned customer service company strives to deliver exceptional cleaning services in over twenty cities in the United States. As a fairly new business, Handy has already outsmarted their competition by revolutionizing their mobile app and website to include a user-friendly and easy navigation system. This technological upgrade allows patrons to schedule services with their smart phone while employees immediately receive credit for the online transaction.

The inspiration for a unprecedented and modernized cleaning company started in a college dorm room where Handy CEOs Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua envisioned an online interface that emerged freelance recruitment and compensation in a simple and straightforward online approach. During their graduate studies at Harvard Business School, the dynamic duo assembled a team of engineers and cleaning professionals and by the end of the summer they raised two million in start-up capital from companies such as Highland and General Catalyst. With this generous funding, the team furthered their unique cleaning service vision with the evolution of a two-sided business that catered to both customers and employees. The goal of this prominent company is to facilitate housekeeping scheduling and transactions through an accessible app and website.

Handy’s outstanding revenue numbers are strongly influenced by the company’s redefined branding model. With the use of extremely simple online interfaces, customers select highly qualified professionals by quickly searching through the comprehensive database. In return for their services, Handy employees receive dependable pay which is usually between $15 and $22 an hour. Unlike the company’s competitors, these earnings are tax deductible and may help with establishing credit for future purchases.

Today, Handy is most recognized for the utilization of instantly gratifying services for consumers and cleaning professionals in urban areas. The extremely competitive housekeeping field requires the implementation of modern technology and this renowned business is highly equipped to serve the huge demand. Remarkably, each member of the Handy team is skilled in providing extremely personalized home cleaning services. In the future, leading business owners Hanrahan and Dua hope to expand outside the cleaning industry by employing their simple mobile platform. Currently, Handy is operating in the United States, Canada, and London with a total of 50 employees and freelancers. Their headquarters are based in New York City.

Madison Street Capital Offering Exceptional Financial Advisory Services

There is no end to the list of investment banking firms in our country. Companies and entrepreneurs often look for advisory services for their business. Specialized experts from these banking firms help companies in finding the right niche market to launch their products. Madison Street Capital is one such experienced international investment banking firm that offers highly specialized financial advisory services for corporations and companies looking for assistance in the business sector, financial opinions, acquisition expertise and valuation services. The company offers finance valuation services for private and publicly owned firms as well.

Madison Street Capital has offices in multiple locations in Chicago, Illinois. Apart from serving companies in North America, the company also offers specialized services for global companies. Now, Madison Street Capital has offices in Asia and Africa. With an aim to offer the best and customized advisory services, this firm was started. Professionals at the Madison Street Capital claim to offer some of the highest quality expert services so that companies find diverse options in their niche to invest, launch products and provide services for the best possible outcome. Each client is different and so does their requirements.

At Madison Street Capital, experts always analyze each client’s requirements thoroughly before making any suggestions for them. Based on their analysis, they find the best match between buyers and sellers, make possible connection and arrangement to find financial assistance opportunities, form capitalization structures for finding better business ventures and potential clients and find best ways to achieve the financial goal through a number of transactions.

Some of the top services offered by Madison Street Capital also include M and A assistance and financial valuations. Another important service offered by this company is the cost-effective financing arrangement options. Clients looking for some financial assistance for their next business ventures can always seek for assistance from the Madison Street Capital. The firm’s collaboration and partnering with middle-market firms is another plus point. In that way, they find possible opportunities for their clients in the niche markets.

Companies looking for specific business services can always contact the team’s financial advisory team for further details. As an international investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital always sticks to the highest standards. While dealing with the clients, they are always professional and maintain the standards of integrity. Whether your company seeks for advice in finance or better options of acquisition planning, Madison Street Capital will always assist you in handling all these jobs.

Eucatex Continuing To Succeed and Improve

Flavio Maluf is a successful Brazilian entrepreneur and a graduate from FAAP in mechanical engineering; He is the president of Eucatex and GrandFood group of companies.An eldest son pf the famous politician Paulo Maluf.

Eucatex Group founded in 1951 with a focus on the production of lining insulated from eucalyptus wood fibers it gradually evolved very quickly. In this century the enterprise supplies furniture manufacturers, it also delivers large industrial construction, and to the external market it provides doors and plates as ordered.

The group consists of three sophisticated factories as it operates in two primary sectors that are construction and Furniture Industry. Paints, plates, and Varnishes run their operations in Salt while panels to flooring works run in Botucatu. With the high demand for trees, it runs its Forestry Unit to cover up to their needs.

Just a while ago it inaugurated a new industrial plant in the county of Salto. The production of both Thin and medium High-Density Fiberboards is the responsibility of this new factory.

Eucatex also produces modular partition, laminate flooring and doors in the construction segment of the industry. It is also the leading man manufacturer of laminate flooring also known as Eucafloor that comprises of the Classic, Evidence, Elegance and the Rustic.

In the year 2010 Eucatex responded to high demand from interior designers and architects for laminate floors with wide boards. Mainly in the projects meant for business and residential environments that have little traffic such as, small offices, hotels, and guest houses.

For office partitions and planning rooms Divilux partitions is another segment of Eucatex industry has solutions that adapt to all kinds of project, this has been dominating the market from then up to date. Also Eucatex, doors are the best as they have an outstanding beauty and full strength that has been tested and proven by quality assurance departments.

It also has a Furniture Industry that is one of the largest suppliers wood fiber plates produced with the advanced technology of a continuous system used in the manufacture of Office and residential furniture.

It held international certifications and recognized by the best practices of sustainable developments. Not forgetting all years work and awards, Eucatex has proved to the best manufacturer of wood products by being an award winning industry.

One Way We Love Our Pets

Ever heard of the Purina company before? Of course you have. You probably have a bag or can of their cat or dog food or treats sitting in the pantry right now. After all, Purina has been loving animals and the way they get the nutrition they need for over 80 years now.

We all love our pets. We love them like they were family. It’s been said to the point of being cliche’ but that does not make it less true. We love our pets. Purina love pets too. That is why they have spent the last eight decades perfecting the science of pet nutrition.

The variety of food and treats alone is testimony to the constant research going into the pets we love so much and the many ways that they can get the proper nutrition that they need and deserve.

Purina has even been involved in bring your pet to work day! And it has had
some very positive effects for the pets and the owners alike. This is just one
example of the many ways the the people at Purina are constantly striving to
come up with new and fun ways for our best furry friends to share life with their favorite people pals!

Just looking at the Purina News Center website, it’s clear that they are on the cutting edge of the newest and tastiest ways for our pets to get the healthy food and treats that people have come to expect from them over the many years that they have been making sure our pets stay happy with the food they provide, and healthier because of it as well.

As far back as I can remember having a pet in my house I can remember there
being Purina on the shelf for my families pets and it will continue to be that way, because let’s face it, Purina is just another way we love our pets.

Innovation and BRL Trust Company

The Promise of a Safe and Reliable Investment
BRL Trust, written about by, is a company that will promise to provide you with innovative services surrounding investors. These are services that will ensure a safe and reliable environment for all investors. This is a trustworthy company that provides superior and safe trust services with innovation. BRL Trust Investmentos is well known and is the biggest independent administrator. This would be the biggest in regards to investment funds in Brazil. This is in accordance to the Anbima ranking.

A High Ethical Standard
BRL Trust Investments places a very high value on ethical standards. This standard is incorporated in every situation. There is an adherence to the national legal system. Respecting this system in an ethical standard that is followed with pride. Each and every client will have their interests placed above everything else. Each client is a top priority. A high ethical standard is enforced. Discipline and determination are two extra characteristics that are offered by this professional team. Every customer may expect to build a strong connection with our team. This is a connection and a bond that will build a relationship with you that is based on integrity, trust, and transparency. This high ethical standard has a high ethical standard at the core of this business.

The Valuable Services
One other goal of BRL Trust, written about by, is to ensure that each client will have their unique needs met. This is a company that specializes in the following:
*collection of loans
This service has an up-to-date Assets Control System. This database has more than 300 monitored various sectors. A portfolio of well over 20,000 customers equals an experienced and highly qualified team that will deliver valuable services to every client.

A Global Company
BRL can be contacted and is located at the following:
Rua Iguatemi, 151, 19º andar
Itaim Bibi, São Paulo SP
CEP: 01451-011

PABX:+55 (11) 3133-0350
FAX:+55 (11) 3133-0360
You will be very pleased when you contact BRL Trust for any trust services in private loans. You will appreciate this trustworthy company that is looking forward to building a solid relationship with each and every client.

The Dalai Lama of Business; Joseph Bismark


I am a bit of a health nut and in doing some online research into health products, one man’s name kept popping up. Joseph Bismark is the Founder of Qi Group which sells health and wellness products. I came across an article on the WordPress We don’t Love these Hogues and was intrigued by what I read. 

Joseph Bismark is a unique human being. He has become a big success in the business and marketing fields but that in itself is not the amazing part. Before entering the business world, Mr. Bismark actually studied to become a monk at an ashram for eight years. After leaving, he achieved what seemed like overnight success and now has several lucrative companies. Of course, people are uniquely interested in how this happened but there is no surprise there. Mr. Bismark attributes his achievements in the business world to his understanding of ashram living. Creating balance in life will then lead to balance in business. Not only does Mr. Bismark treat each of his employees with respect, but he chooses to treat each managerial decision as a collective of ideas rather than an edict from “the boss.” 

A large part of Mr. Bismark’s philosophy is making sure his corporations achieve harmony with the rest of society. This idea inspired Qi Group to create many non-profit entities that give back to the community and meaningfully contribute to the health and wellness of all people. For example; the RHYTHM Foundation in a non-profit organization that brings arts and music to people around the world. 

It seems that Joseph Bismark has achieved something truly unique. Not only has he created balance in his business life but he has managed to bring social responsibility, business and financial success and spiritual harmony all together to create an community of positivity to everyone he reaches.

Mobile Wireless Services are Essential in Today’s Business Climate

Doing business in the contemporary world involves many skills. Any given business owner must be aware in many cases of the need to meet the needs of customers both locally and around the world. A company that can reach out to customers in different places is often a company that will prosper and grow. The use owner of the company must often be prepared to answer questions and stay in touch with customers for much of the day. Doing so may require the company owner to be engaged in intelligent multi-tasking that allows the consumer to get their needs met even when the owner of the company is doing something else.

This is one of many reasons why business owners find that it is necessary to have reliable mobile wireless services that allow him to remain in touch with customers even when he he is traveling somewhere else. The use of mobile wireless services also allows the user to be able to stay in touch with family members and help them know when the owner will be home from work or if they are going to work late. This can be particularly important for parents who often need to manage several roles at the same time such supervising a child’s homework, preparing dinner and staying in touch with a client overseas all at the same time.

Working with a reliable mobile wireless service provider such as FreedomPop can be the ideal way to accomplish this aim. FreedomPop allows any individual to have access to thousands of wifi spots all across the country. Someone who is going to meet a customer for a business lunch may need to check their email during the course of the meeting. Working with a company such as FreedomPop means that the owner of the business can easily access a wifi spot while they are dining out.

One of the best parts about working with a company like this one is that the person can easily pay for the company’s services. FreedomPop offers their clients the opportunity to enjoy such access for free if they only use now and then. This can highly useful for a business owner who only uses such services each month on a limited basis. The company also offers those who use such services more heavily the opportunity to have greater access to their services for a very small fee that most people can fit into their monthly budget.

Any business owner should take the time and figure out what kind of mobile wireless services are essential for their needs. If possible, the business owner should take time during a month and note when they use such services. This will help them get a rough estimate of the kind of services they may need for their business at the present time. The owner will often find it easy in the future to make simple adjustments to their mobile wireless services plan should their mobile wireless needs change in the future.

Source: “FreedomPop Turns On Unlimited Wi-Fi Across The US For $5/Month