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Greece Is In The Midst Of An Economic Nightmare

Imagine that you work your entire life, and you put away a substantial amount in savings, only to have no access to it when you need it. Greece’s Economic Nightmare. Also, imagine that you work your entire life, and when you start getting a pension, very soon after, the pension is no longer accessible, and you’re left broke. This seems like a nightmare, or maybe even something that happened in the past when we had our economic downfall, but this is something going on currently in Greece.

According to Brian Bonar, Greece is having an economic crisis, and many are not able to get money from their bank accounts, and many can’t even get their pensions that they worked their entire lives for. Greece is limiting anyone taking money out of the ATM to $66 dollars a day, and this obviously is not enough for most people to live on. Some people have been seen standing outside of banks that have closed their doors, just so they can receive their pension that they get at the same time each month.

The European bank denied Greece the emergency funding that they need, so now Greece’s economic future is left in limbo. Many people are suffering from what the country leaders have done, and many are complaining that they have lost the money that they worked for their entire lives. The money is still in the system, but no physical money can be distributed to those who need it, even if they have proof that they are entitled to it.

Overtime Pay for Salaried Employees

President Obama seems to think that those who make at least $1,000 each week on salary should be eligible for overtime pay. While this is a good idea because if you work the hours, then you should be compensated, if someone is in the position to make that much money each week, then there should be limits on how much can be made. Sam Tabar (tumbtack) knows that one idea could be to have a scale to use based on how many hours are worked so that one person isn’t making an exorbitant amount of money compared to someone else who is making the same salary but working fewer hours. President Obama wants this idea to benefit those who are in the lower income brackets, but if you are making $1,000 a week, then it doesn’t seem like you would have a lower income. This seems like another thing that the President is doing to try to win respect and positive remarks before leaving office.

Marc Sparks is the Man of Many Talents

The all American Business Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks is currently residing in Dallas, Texas. Marc Sparks is an individual who is above average with his numerous talents. Marc Sparks is the all American businessman. Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur along with being a venture capitalist. He is maintaining numerous portfolio companies at this time. Mark Sparks is also the head of Timber Creek Capital.

Business and Success with Marc Sparks
Marc Sparks is well known for owning and operating several successful businesses. This is an individual who has a strong involvement in the telecommunication industry. His involvement includes:
*Blue Jay Wireless
*Cardinal Telecom
*Splash Media
Marc Sparks holds the firm belief that the start of a business must start with the building of a business model. The resources must be acquired t make sure that success is achieved. Marc Sparks is most definitely one of the most successful business men. Success could be his middle name. It would be true to state that success and business is not just a matter of luck. This man who has experienced so much success, is not a person who places himself above others. Marc Sparks will share his business ideas with others in order to assist them in achieving success in their own businesses as well.

A Published Author
Marc Sparks is so passionate with sharing knowledge that he even wrote a book that outlined the steps that lead to success in business. Marc Sparks is highly encouraging to others so that they may also experience a thriving business. The book is titled They Can’t Eat You. Marc Sparks is also a philanthropist who holds the belief that wealth and knowledge is meant to be shared.

A Volunteer
Marc Sparks has talents that extend to philanthropy. Marc Sparks is known to volunteer his time to society. His volunteer endeavors include:
*assisting youth obtaining their high school diploma
*volunteering for Habitat for Humanity
*offering his time at a homeless shelters in Dallas

Well Rounded in Every Way
Marc Sparks is an individual who is well rounded in every way. His talents are many.
He is most definitely an All American businessman that gives much to society. There is much that can be learned from this remarkable individual.

Bernanke for Hamilton on bill

Ben Bernanke, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve, has indicated that he is shocked that Jack Lew made an announcement that Alexander Hamilton will be removed from the $10 dollar bill in place of a woman.

Bernanke is not opposed to having a woman on a bill, which would mark the first woman to end up on US currency, but believes that Alexander Hamilton was such a critical figure in American history that he fully deserves the honor. As an alternative, Bernanke suggested removing Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill.  James Dondero pointed out how much sense it would make in 2020, on the hundredth anniversary of the 20th amendment to change the $20 bill. Jackson was opposed to printed money and to central banks so there is no wonder that Bernanke would find him to be a better person to be removed from a form of currency. Hamilton on the other hand helped to develop the US banking system and fed and his common sense approach to finances helped put the United States on the way to financial prosperity.

Jackson did expand the size of the country significantly during his presidency but had a number of bad habits, per comments made by Bernanke, and was a poor president.

The new $10 bill is not expected to be released until 2020 and the process of selecting a woman to replace Hamilton is expected to begin this summer. The treasury indicated that Alexander Hamilton will be replaced as the $10 bill is the next in line for updating.

Walmart Will No Longer Carry Confederate Merchandise


“We never want to offend anyone with the products that we offer” stated a Walmart spokesperson. In light of last weeks shooting and the Emanuel AME Church last week, the debate over the Confederate flag has become heated. On Saturday hundreds of protesters held a rally in front of the South Carolina Statehouse calling for the removal of the Confederate Flag from Statehouse grounds. Click here for full story.

On Tuesday, Walmart confirmed to CNN that they had chosen to pull all Confederate merchandise from both their physical and online stores. A spokesperson has said that Walmart had never intended to offend anyone, that such merchandise had made it into their inventory improperly. Sears has also removed all such merchandise from both Sears and Kmart. They told Reuters that they would no longer allow Confederate merchandise to be sold online or by third parties. However, it seems that Sears online is still offering the merchandise for sale.

So far there has been no word from online giants Amazon or eBay as to whether or not they would also pull Confederate merchandise from their stock stated Tumbler. Buzzfeed has reached out to both companies requesting a statement. So far there has been no response.

Jonathan Veitch: An American Educator

Jonathan Veitch is a California born and raised author, college administrator and former educator. He received a bachelor’s degree in American Literature and English from Stanford University and a doctorate degree in the History of American Civilization from Harvard University.

With his education in hand, Mr. Veitch took on an associate professorship at the University of Wisconsin in 1993. He also authored his first book and it was published by the University of Wisconsin Press in 1997. Also in 1997, Jonathan Veitch was named an associate professor at The New School in New York. He taught classes in American and cultural history and American film in the nineteenth and twentieth century In 1994, Mr. Veitch became the dean of Eugene Lang College and remained in that position for four years.

In 2009, Mr. Veitch was named the fifteenth president of Occidental College. The first challenge for Jonathan Veitch was to improve relations between the school and the surrounding neighborhood. The neighbors were concerned about the expansion of the school into the neighborhood. Mr. Veitch set upon a plan that limited the expansion of the school into the community, lessening the impact to the neighborhood.

Jonathan Veitch celebrated his first anniversary at the school in August of 2010 by hosting a public forum which allowed the city officials of Los Angeles and city activists discuss the future environment of the city. The forum proved to be a success and a vision for the preservation of the city was developed and put in place.

In 2011, Jonathan Veitch announced the new name of the football stadium of Occidental College. The stadium was renamed to honor an alumni of the school, Jack Kemp who passed away in 2009. Mr. Kemp was an outstanding college football player and professional football player, as well as serving in the United States House of Representatives. Mr. Veitch also unveiled a statue of Mr. Kemp that keeps watch over the football stadium.

Also during Jonathan’s tenure as college president, he announced the school would receive a 5 million dollar donation to renovate Johnson Hall, which is one of the original buildings on campus. This announcement coincided with the college’s 125th anniversary. The next year, 2013, Mr. Veitch unveiled a project that enhanced their environmental effort. The school was slated to build a one megawatt solar array that would allow the school to generate a portion of energy supply needed to operate the school.

The $10 Bill Will Soon Have A Female Face On It

Anyone who is about female empowerment, they must have wondered to themselves why there are no female historical figures on any of the foldable money that we spend today. All the money that is foldable, it has men on it, and not one female. The New $10 Bill. Things are changing now, and the $10 bill is going to get a remake. There are plans to remake the $10 bill, and to put a female face on the cover of the bill. It’s not known yet which female will be on the cover of the $10 bill, but many people are voting on different figures.

Folks at Boraie Development know that some people have requested that Rosa Parks should be on the bill while others have stated that Harriet Tubman deserves a place on the bill. There are so many historical female figures in the past that there’s no telling which one will be used on the face of the $10 bill. Some may even feel that it’s an insult to take such a low denomination, and put a female on the cover, but think about it in another way. In the hip-hop community, a dime is known as a perfect 10, so putting a female on a $10 bill may be another way of saying that she’s a perfect 10!

The $10 bills are scheduled to be remade in the near future, but many are anxiously awaiting to hear who will grace the cover of the next set of $10 currencies that will be released.

Trademarks On Sounds

Quite a few different things might surprise you with their trademarks. There are quite a few sounds out there that you might be surprised to find out have trademarks.
Some of the sounds that have trade marks include Tarzan’s yell and Darth Vader’s breathing. Also, the Pillbury Doughboy’s giggle, the Aflac Quack, and the Mockingjay Whistle. All of these different organizations and companies have decided to trademark their sounds, so that no one can directly copy them.
There are so many different trade marks on different things out there nowadays, and Bruce Levenson guesses that it really shouldn’t be too surprising to find out that all of these sounds are trademarked, as well. What is your opinion on trademarks? Do you think that they are a good idea, or do you believe that they are unnecessary? Do you think that it’s good for the companies to be able to trademark the things that make them unique, or do you believe that it would be better if trademarks didn’t exist at all?

California Calls Uber Driver an Employee

According to Twitter, a California Labor Law Court has ruled that an Uber driver is an employee under California law and is entitled to reimbursements for expenses and other fees and costs an employee is entitled to. The decision is a blow to Uber, who has based its entire business plan on the specification that the drivers that provide transportation are independent contractors. An independent contractor would be responsible for their own taxes and would not be entitled to reimbursements for actions performed during the scope of their service to the company. Attorneys for Uber are reviewing the ruling as it would have global implications on the companies operations and its business model.California Labor Court Rules Uber Driver An Employee And Not An Independent Contractor

The ruling could be appealed but the leal team for Uber could decide on a less public option which could include a confidentiality agreement.

Uber has run into opposition in many cities and countries who are supporting their taxi cab medallion system. Uber is a direct threat to the fees collected by the issuing authorities as well as to the taxi drivers who operate under the medallion system. Uber’s argument that it is not a taxi cab service rests with the fact that it claims all of its drivers are independent contractors and that this type of activity cannot be regulated by the state. Uber expects to face similar challenges in other States.

Helping Poor Boosts Economic Growth

The age old argument that entitlement programs are killing economies has come under fire in recent weeks. The International Monetary Fund has found, through an in depth study, that these programs actually aid economies in becoming stronger.

The study looked into many different world economies and found that when the poorest people of a nation were offered the incentives to actually survive, they poured the funds they received back into the governments that gave it to them.

In nations where all of the incentives were focused on the upper 1% of income earners, those individuals did nothing to aid the local economies and rather hoarded most of their earnings. This did nothing to aid the financial health of their nations, but rather served more to harm it is what the team at The Aspire new brunswick suggested to the folks at

For years governments have held that trickle down economics works. Although after many years and many financial crashes around the world, the study was done to understand why the crashes happened. It appears that no trickling down has happened. Taking away labor unions has taken the voice from the people and drained them of viable wages that are adequate to survive on.

If nations truly want to avert any further economic downfalls, they should seriously start thinking about making those entitlement programs equal that which is comparable to a living wage. that is, a wage that will support the number of people in the home without having to go without.