Beneful: Delight for your dog, peace of mind for you

Beneful offers a wide variety of nutritious foods and treats for my four-legged friends. This line offers wet and dry foods to choose from as well as tasty treats for dogs to enjoy. Not only do my dogs like eating Beneful but I feel good about giving them a healthy, delicious product from a brand I trust.

The Beneful line includes several varieties of dry dog foods to suit the needs of dogs in all stages of life. The Healthy Puppy dry food is a great choice for growing pups. It has 100% of the nutrients puppy’s needs plus calcium and DHA to help support the growth and development. My dogs loved the tasty blend of chicken, carrots and peas. Now that they are older we feed them the Original Blends food. My dogs enjoy eating the salmon formula and I like it because it helps to keep their skin healthy and coats shiny. The Original Blends dry dog food offers 100% of the nutrients my dogs need to live an active, healthy life.

Beneful also offers a line of wet dog foods that my dogs love. The Chopped Blends line offered by Beneful is great because of the wide variety of flavors. My dogs really love the salmon and turkey blends. As their owner, I like the Chopped Blends because you can see the real, quality, nutritious ingredients in every bite. I also love how excited my dogs get when I open the package, tails wagging anxiously awaiting their dinner.

Another product my four-legged friends really like are Beneful’s line of Healthy Smile Dental Twists on They think they are enjoying a delicious, fun treat but I know it’s so much more than that. These treats help to keep my dogs’ smiles free of plaque and tartar buildup. They also keep their breath smelling fresh, promote strong bones and have a taste all dogs will love.

Beneful on purina is a trusted brand that I am proud to offer to my dogs. It has a wide selection of products, from dry to wet foods as well as treats to help suit every dogs’ tastes and needs throughout each stage of life. My dogs love the flavorful meals Beneful provides and I love knowing that I’m giving them healthy, nutritious food.

Marcio Alaor BMG Bank

One of the top banks and financial institutions in Brazil is BMG Bank. Part of what makes BMG Bank a leading financial institution is its leadership which includes current vice president and director Marcio Alaor. With Marcio Alaor as vice president and director, BMG bank has continued its tradition as well as maintained its vision to provide the best financial services to both individuals and businesses. By providing high quality financial services to both individuals and businesses, BMG Bank is able to efficiently meet the needs of these two parties and allow them to get the most out of financial management such as making deposits, using loans to finance purchases and also insurance to protect their property. They also benefit from credit cards to finance short term purchases and investments to help grow their savings and prepare for their future.

The first and most common customer who most benefits from the services of BMG bank is private individuals. For private individuals they will be able to take advantage of a number of services that enable them to get the most out of banking and financial services. Making deposits is the first service that comes to mind for individuals looking to use a bank such as BMG. With deposits, individuals can put their money in both checking and savings accounts. The checking accounts provide individuals with the opportunity to store money in an account in which they can use to write checks and make purchase. Using savings accounts allows them to place funds for future purchases and use such as retirement or a down payment on a home.

Another common service to individuals is loans which give them financing for a number of things such as a house or a car. The bank will offer individuals money to make these large purchases and at reasonable terms. BMG bank offers home loans and auto loans at low interest rates along with reasonable time periods. As a result these loans will be very affordable and allow them to meet their big ticket purchase needs.

Private individuals will also be able to take advantage of investment services which allow them to prepare for their future. With investment services, individuals will have the benefit of talking to an advisor who will provide them with information about securities and how to best meet their long term financial goals such as retirement. They will give individuals the opportunity to put their money in securities funds and allow their money to be managed by the advisor. Therefore individuals will have assistance in not only growing their savings through investments but also giving them an income as well to provide financial security.

What Adam Sender Looks for in a Painting

With over 400 pieces of artwork in Adam Sender’s collection, one could say that he is an artist at picking winning artists, when in actuality, the artists actually picked him. The art that speaks to him is the art that gets purchased and the artwork that gets purchased by him increases in value tremendously. It is amazing to watch the master work, evaluating each piece, looking for certain undertones and subtle meanings, comparing it to other works of art in his collection. His thorough evaluation of each artist helps him to decide what pieces will eventually make millions of dollars as a member of his esteemed collection.
Rarely will you see an art collector that will gloss over pieces painted by famous artists in favor for those that are relatively unknown and obscure but this is known as Adam’s trademark you will. He doesn’t do this to be contrarian just for the sake of it, he does it because he is making an observation of the art for its own sake. He knows that his name is one that is worth its weight in gold in the art world and what he says, goes, so he is willing to take chances on unknown artists that other art collectors just aren’t willing to take. Having sold over $20 million worth of art in his life, he owns paintings from artists who were previously unknown before he bought them. He also owns traditional masterpieces created by artists like Picasso and Matisse.

If you want to be a successful art collector, it is extremely important to set your own trends. Being a trendsetter is one of the most valuable assets that you can have as an art collector. But, you have to ask yourself “how do I set myself apart as a trend maker?” Well, the way that you set yourself apart as a trend maker is by picking and buying art that you believe stands out on their own. You want to choose pieces that speak to you in a way that you never expected art to speak to you and once you began to make a name for yourself in the world of socialites and powerful people, the ones that admire you are more likely to want to buy your art. It is as if you are the missing stroke for a painting, to turn it into a masterpiece from just another normal painting.

Just like in the world of art, there are certain painters that blaze a trail that do not know where that trail leads, except that it leads to happiness and lust for their work. When they follow that path, whether they know if it is going to pay off for them or not in their vision starts to take shape, that’s where Adam Sender comes in to buy your work.

George Soros, the Mysterious Force in Politics and Finance

Most people are familiar with the name George Soros. However, he is often named on conservative talk radio and cable TV stations as the billionaire that funds liberal politics and causes. He is both celebrated and controversial, but in many ways, he is also the story of the Immigrant’s Dream, a man who fled his home country, became a success and went on to influence the major events of his time.

According to his Forbes profile, George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930 and grew up amid the Nazi occupation of his country. At the age of 17, Soros decided to escape the communist-dominated regime of Hungary and fled to England, where he continued his education and received his degrees from the London School of Economics. He later immigrated to the United States, accumulating a large fortune through his investment activities. Today, Soros is known for his work as a financier, writer, political activist and philanthropist/founder of Open Society Foundations.

Financial Activities
After achieving his educational goals, Mr. Soros had a difficult time finding work in the finance industry. However, he eventually succeeded, working for a number of notable companies. During England’s entry into the European Union, Soros began to understand England had undervalued its currency, and he shorted his currency holdings. The move made him over a billion dollars and made him a force to be reckoned with in the financial sector. When he moved to the United States, he continued his financial work, founding several investment funds.

Mr. Soros was active in the fight against apartheid in South Africa, funding the black students who worked to bring down the unfair system of racial identification in that country. In the 1980s, he funded the distribution of printed material against the communist hold on the Eastern Bloc. In the 1990s, he founded Central European University to foster critical thinking in the region. He continues his support for human rights, transparency and an open society through the work of his Open Society Foundations, which operate in over 100 countries.

Political Activities
Recently, Soros has funded the fight against voting rights restrictions that a number of Republican legislators have put into place in Wisconsin, Ohio, and North Carolina. The fight is expected to expand to Virginia, Georgia and Nevada in the near future. Soros has also written on the current refugee crisis in Europe, which he feels has been exacerbated by the lack of a comprehensive asylum policy between European nations. He is an active donor to immigration organizations in the United States, the Brennan Center for Justice and the Brookings Institution. He is also a contributor to a number of organizations that support social welfare programs, reproductive choice and campaign finance reform.

Madison Street Capital

Recently the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts recognized Anthony Marsala as among the top finance professionals under 40 years old. Marsala is the co founder and Chief Operating Officer of the investment firm Madison Street Capital. The association based its criteria on leadership and accomplishments and Marsala was among the very top professionals in the financial sector. It was a hard decision for the association because there were many candidates that stood out but Anthony Marsala made the cut and established himself as someone who is among the best at evaluating businesses and in investment banking.

Marsala is the co founder and chief operating officer at Madison Street Capital which is a leading financial services company. As chief operating officer, he has been a key in leading as well as managing the firms presence throughout the world. In fact he has firmly established a considerable presence in regions of the world such as Africa, Europe and Asia. As well as establishing a presence in other areas of the world, Marsala is also in charge of due diligence and overseeing analytical teams that valuate businesses for the corporate finance and merger and acquisition clients for Madison Street Capital.

At Madison Street Capital, Anthony spends most of his time on the process known as business valuation along with corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions. During his career he has done and evaluated a number of industries as well as companies to help determine the best overall financial strategy for them to undertake. Over the course of his career, Marsala has worked with companies in a number of sectors including energy, technology, medical devices, biotech, pharmaceutical, food and agriculture and wholesale distribution.

In terms of the company Marsala is a part of, he is a top executive of Madison Street Capital. This is an investment banking firm that commits itself to strong values such as integrity, leadership, along with general excellence. The firm specializes in providing corporate financial advisory, mergers and acquisitions and valuation services to both public and private sector businesses. With these services, clients of the firm are in great position to succeed and reach their full potential. Madison Street Capital makes it a top priority to reach the goals of its clients as the clients goals become the firms as well. With services such as financial advisory and raising capital, Madison Street Capital makes it a priority to help clients get the most out of their financial management as well as improve their overall growth as well.

Source: Chicago Tribune

Gregory Hague Strives To Promote A Flourishing Job Market

According to a recent press release by CBS Los Angeles, the greater Los Angeles area is currently the most pursued region for real estate employment in California. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the city’s numerous career opportunities are the result of increasing consumer spending and a rejuvenating job market.

The average annual income of current Los Angeles real estate agents is roughly $110,000. This statistic was released by earlier this year. Many brokers that reside in southern California have completed courses in finance, law, business administration, and economics as established firms are actively searching for candidates who have ample knowledge in these areas.

Just five hours north of Los Angeles, San Francisco is also hiring qualified realtors with extensive real estate expertise. As the home to more than 450 new companies, the employers are seeking agents that have impressive social and business networking skills as well.

In order to increase the chances of acquiring a career in the sunny state, Gregory Hague, one of the country’s most successful real estate coaches, encourages agents to enroll in a course at his company Real Estate Mavericks. By participating in his acclaimed multi-step training series, customers learn practical listing strategies that promote enticing presentations. Although Hague focuses on revolutionary formulas that help realtors quickly sell houses, he also strives to cultivate sincere and supportive brokers as the home buying and selling process is an extremely emotional experience. Undeniably, Real Estate Mavericks is the preferred choice for refining real estate techniques.

Tami Pardee, a real estate agent and owner of Pardee Properties, believes that Hague’s training philosophy promotes knowledgeable realtors who will positively contribute to California’s flourishing job market. Along with the state’s prevalence of careers, she thinks that brokers also gravitate towards the metropolitan area by the beach.
In the CBS Los Angeles report, Pardee elaborates on her thoughts by stating the imperativeness of realtors collaborating with their team members. More importantly, agents should strive to cultivate a connection with their clients as their interests are the primary concern.

About Gregory Hague
In June 2013, Hague founded Real Estate Mavericks, which is the best real estate coaching company in America. During the past two years, he has successfully trained thousands of entry-level and expert realtors and, as a result, he is revered as one of the nation’s most insightful agents. His coaching packages range from $200 to $500, which include many hours of unprecedented real estate instructional content. After the completion of the comprehensive series, customers will have the necessary knowledge to generate substantial revenues. Most prominently, Hague promises that his pioneering formulas will help agents excel in the real estate marketplace.

About CBS Los Angeles
CBS Los Angeles delivers the most recent news reports to residents in southern California. The network frequently relays stories related to traffic, travel, deals, health, and sports. In order to receive the latest posts on current events, individuals may download the CBSLA App/Breaking News Push Notifications.

QNet: A Dream Company


There are millions of people all over the world that dream about owning their own business one day. Instead of being tied down to a job or a company, many people want to go out and make decisions and take control of their life. However, the cost of starting a business is high, and in many countries there is not a lot of support for people that want to start their own business. However, QNet offers a unique opportunity for those that are interested in starting up their own business and building it from the ground up. There are many people that have been able to quit their day job after starting up a QNet business.

What is QNet?

QNet is a business opportunity that allows people to buy and sell goods online. When a person joins QNet, they will be given a specific niche product to sell online. The prices that a person buys the products at are lower than wholesale and then they sell at retail. The margin on the products is very high, which makes it easy to earn a large profit over time. QNet users can then sell the opportunity to join the company to other people. This is where the multi level marketing aspect of the company comes in to play. It is important to remember that multi level marketing takes a long time to get up and running. However, once a person has built up a large following it can almost grow by itself.

Advantages of QNet

There are several major advantages for people that join QNet. First of all, it allows people the opportunity to own their own business and control their destiny through how well they perform. This is attractive to many people in countries around the world. In many nations, the economies are simply not strong enough for people to get ahead even if they work hard. This makes owning a business all the more attractive. With QNet, there are essentially no start up costs and people can just start buying and selling goods immediately. Not only can people learn how to start and grow a business, but they can make money while they are learning as well. This is one of the many reasons that QNet has grown at such a rapid pace over the years.

Final Thoughts

Overall, QNet offers a great way in which to start a business and make another stream of income. There are millions of people all over the world that now make money buying and selling products off of this site. Take the first step in growing your own business today and sign up with QNet.

Purina Has A Great Dog Food Called Beneful

Purina is a brand that has several kinds of dog foods, including Beneful. Beneful is a popular brand of Purina dog food, and it’s under the umbrella of the Nestlé company. Although many around the world know Nestlé as a food company that makes chocolates, those who are pet owners know the company because of the Purina products that they create. Beneful is a dog food that has an excellent formula put together for dogs that give them the nutrition they absolutely need. Adding vitamins and minerals to the dog food will help to keep a dog healthy, and dogs can gain a lot of energy after they eat Beneful.

Although Purina does create other kinds of dog foods, Beneful is one of the most popular choices of Purina on dog food because of the quality and the price. Beneful is lower in cost than many other dog foods on the market, but the quality still remains very high. Those who choose Beneful brand foods can find a lot of different varieties for their dogs, and this means that their dog will always have different choices when it comes to meal times. Beneful on features dog treats, dental treats, and dog food. Everything that Beneful creates is to help a dog become healthier as well as allowing them to like the product they are eating.

Those with a dog will enjoy many of the Beneful products, especially the dental products. Dogs need the best care possible for their dental health, so they can avoid some of the painful dental problems that many humans endure. The dental treats that Beneful provides are great for dogs if they happen to have bad breath or if the dog would like a treat that can also clean the teeth. Beneful treats are also something that many dogs enjoy, and they can be given to a dog at the owner’s will. Beneful has created both a wet and dry dog food, so this means that dog owners can choose what kind of food to give to their dog each day, and they’ll know their dog will enjoy it.

How Will Jon Urbana’s Camp Benefit Young Kids?

The Next Level Lacrosse Camps are the best forums for kids who want to learn the game of lacrosse in a fun environment. Kids today do not have lacrosse they can watch on TV, and there are many places in America where kids simply do not have a chance to play the game. Learning the game at a Next Level Lacrosse camp will get kids on the right track in their favored sport, and these kids will come away from each camp as changed people. 32-year-old Jon Urbana runs these camps, and he focuses on helping young people make a difference in the world. This article explains how Urbana has changed the game for the better.

#1: What Does Jon Do?

Jon Urbana runs the Next Level Lacrosse Camp empire, and he manages other charities for kids who want to make a difference in the world. With online fundraisers that include Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force Inc. (link), Urbana began as a guy who was involved in the lacrosse world, but he has become a man who is a Twitter addict, a talented video maker, and a big supporter of homeless cats.

Urbana is more than capable of producing change among young people in America, and an award he posted to Facebook shows that the world has begun to take note. His initiatives have helped young kids from around the world change their lives, and Mr. Urbana has helped young kids make a difference on this planet.

#2: Cleaning Up The Planet

Jon loves lacrosse, and was a Nova fan favorite during his time as a Wildcat, but his Earth Force drive has helped create groups of kids who are trying to clean up the planet. This work has shown kids how they can make a difference in the world, and he is showing kids how widespread some problems in the world are today. Drawing from his experience as a pilot who was recognized by Anthony Foxx as an FAA certified airman (UniqueID: A5119166), he’s taught his campers the same life skills that can be applied to their lacrosse games.

Kids are learning how to make their communities cleaner, how to convince adults to become activists and how to help their classmates join the cause. This video has made its way around the internet, playing a major role in helping the group raise funds.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

#3: The Lacrosse Camps Have A Broader Focus

Jon Urbana wants to use his Instagram account to teach kids at Next Level Lacrosse Camps about the world as a whole. Since many of them follow him, he frequently posts pictures showcasing the marvel that is planet earth, which helps to spread the word about why we must protect all of our natural resources. Here are two pics he’s shared this week, for example:


A photo posted by Jon Urbana (@jonurbana) on


A photo posted by Jon Urbana (@jonurbana) on

He wants kids to learn about the way the world works, how to make a difference and how to live well. A collection of blog posts at Jon Urbana’s Official WordPress best illustrates the points he’s trying to make. Save those to your Pocket accounts if you have the app installed. I find myself going back to them all the time.

Jon’s camps teach life lessons, and he works with kids who want extra assistance in making a difference. Urbana goes out of his way to make life better for his campers, always reachable through a contact link on his website.

The Next Level Lacrosse Camp empire is merely the tip of an iceberg that empowers kids. The kids who want to make a difference can go to a lacrosse camp, learn from Urbana and come out as different people with a new take on the world.

Status Labs Cleanup Team – Stay Squeaky Clean and Not Get Doxxed

Status Labs, an innovative company that manages reputations online. Looking your best to the world is when your reputation shines from being managed by the best. Status Labs works with Google to maintain the client’s reputation and shredding negativity.

The information about your firm or you personally is the first impression received. In other words, first reviewed is the first received. Maintaining the online presence of your company or yourself if best handled by the experts. Status Labs help you look your best even when you are unable to monitor you reflection every minute of the day. With their SEO team, they have the ability to monitor negativity and inaccurate information and promote accurate information more productive results. Having the ability to rank your business’s home page for terminology to move traffic in the right direction enables you to maintain and track your business progress. Status Labs help you look your best from all angles.

Don’t Get Doxxed!
The meaning of doxxed is an internet slang. Doxxed is where someone researches a person or company and with malicious intent promotes and distributes information to harm or imply their reputation. Performing regular checkups on your name is essential. The following are five things you need to do:
Remove Personal Data – Remove things like your phone number, home address wherever they appear online. A data-broker such as PeopleSmart and Whitepages have the ability to remove this information for you.
Recheck your social media privacy settings – Ensure the settings are set to privacy. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts MUST be set at PRIVATE. Think about your personal media accounts and your privacy. There are gray areas here that expose personal information.
Passwords – Change your passwords often, and not just a variation of the same password. Create passwords with numbers through the password. Do not keep your passwords digitally. Keep them on ONE piece of paper located in your residence for emergencies.
Google Yourself – Be proactive. Google yourself from other computers, such as from a library.
Do Your Housekeeping – Do not keep anything on the internet that is not flattering. If you find something just stay calm, do not aggravate the doxxer. Contact a professional internet reputation specialist and let them scrub your online reputation

Protect your reputation and your privacy.