US Economy Created 321,000 in November But Most of the Jobs Pay Poorly

The US Economy is on a roar creating jobs as fast as Vijay Eswaran. Last month, employers added 321,000 net jobs to the payroll. The job market is on pace for its biggest job boom since 1999, the peak of the dot-com boom era. However, that comparison is where the similarities end. During the dot-com boom era, the jobs being created were heavy in the tech sector which jobs tend to have benefits such as 401Ks, corporate pensions, and health care insurance. The jobs also tended to be high paying which allowed workers to change employers and receive a significant bump in pay. 

That’s not the case today. The 321,000 jobs created in November are largely low-paying jobs. It once again underscores why voters swung hard to the GOP in the midterm elections. They want to see real household incomes increase. Despite the creation of new jobs, the labor force participation rate remains the lowest since the Carter administration. After six years of President Obama, the labor force now consists of a majority of part-time workers for the first time in US history. 

The sectors most likely to hire Millennials, the rising generation of workers coming out of high school and college, are not offering upward mobility. Retail and wholesale trade now offers a median income of $25,000 for a 15% decline in pay. The leisure and hospital industry now offers a median income of $18,000 for a 5% decline in pay. The healthcare sector saw median incomes increase for Millennials, but only by a negligible 2% to $30,000.

Dr. Greg Finch’s Orthopedic Practice in Australia

Several problems could result in the performance of an orthopedic procedure to a human being. These procedures are different, depending on where the patient is ailing. For instance, there is the spine surgery which takes place as a result of increasing back pains which reduces the performance of the individual in their activities as the pain causes discomfort.

Spinal fusion is the most practiced procedure when it comes to various surgeries. It involves joining of the spinal bones, also referred to as vertebrae. The advantage of this practice is that the stretching of the nerves is minimal and the movement between the bones of the spine is limited.

There is the ACL reconstruction which represents Anterior Cruciate Ligament. This is the major ligament that stabilizes the knee. While undertaking various activities such as a sport, the knee could twist in the wrong manner thus causing the ligament to rupture. The orthopedic surgeon takes out the damaged ligament and creates another new ACL using the patient’s tissue or tissue from an organ donor. The recently placed ligament is attached with devices so as that it maintains its position. Therefore, the tunnels of the bone that have been put into place by the surgeon are expected to attract new tissues. Thus, they begin to fill in, and the ligament becomes secured.

About Greg Finch

Mr. Greg Finch is a known orthopedic spine surgeon who has been treating patients since the year 2000. He is highly interested in cervical spine surgery, invasive spine surgery and also adult deformity. Mr. Greg Finch began his higher studies at the University of Auckland in 1986 where he specialized in the Bachelor of Surgery which he completed in 1991. He then proceeded to study Orthopedic Surgery at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. Greg’s first encounter with a patient as a Pediatric orthopedic and spine surgeon was in the Shriners Hospital for Children where he worked for the first seven months of the year 2000.

From then, Dr. Greg Finch has served as an orthopedic spine surgeon in quite some facilities. Presently, he is working at seven institutions namely the Orthopedic Association based in Newland, Royal Australian College of Surgeons, Australian Orthopedic Association, Sunshine Coast Hospital & Health Service, and The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital.

Top highlights on Chris Burch Business Ventures

Chris Burch has co-founded numerous retail brands that are internationally known like Tory Burch and C. Wonder; he is now taking his entrepreneur eye to the hospitality industry. Together with James McBride, who is an hotelier, Burch bought a beach hostel on the Islands of Indonesia in 2012. The two spent $30 million renovating the hostel transforming it into a five-star resort known as Nihiwatu. The resort was opened in 2015. The hotel has received recognition and admiration, in fact, in 2016, Travel + Leisure named it the best hotel in the world. Burch told Business Jet Travelers in 2005 that he had bought the business for his children as something that he hopes they can preserve and offer back to the community. His inspiration to make the hotel the best is the beautiful palette which he says drives him to do things that he cannot do in other places, and create something that is unique. He is impressed with the way the hotel turned out to be. The Wall Street Journal says that Burch splits his time between The Hamptons, Miami, and Indonesia. Nihiwatu has 27 private villas inclusive of Chris Burch and Raja Mendake private homes. For more updtes on Burch, click

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch was born in 1953 and is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Capital and the co-founder of Tory Burch LLC. He is also an investor of Guggenheim Partners. In the year 2012, he became a billionaire and was in fact profiled by Forbes in his annual The World’s Billionaires. Burch started working while taking his undergraduate at Ithaca College in 1976. He started his business ventures by producing sweaters and selling them door-to-door on campus, and his operation grew to other retail stores. Over the decade the company expanded to making $140 million in sales with over 50 retail stores. It was sold to Swire Group in 1989. In 2004, he founded Tory Burch where he was the co-chairman. In 2012, he sold the company retaining 28.3% shares. In 2008, he started Burch Creative Capitals initially known as J. Christopher Capital LLC. For an in-depth look at Burch profile, click

Check this recent interview with Burch.

In the year 2004, one of the partners who helped in the development of Faena Hotel+Universe which is located in Buenos Aires. In the same year, he invested in Faena House which is a South Beach Development. In 2006, he then founded J.B Christopher, which is a supplier of materials used in constructions. In 2011, he and his partner Austin Hearst completed the development of Nantucket, Massachusetts which is a $19 million luxury home. In 2013, he bought Nihiwatu creating a 27 villa estate resort.  More interesting news on

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Honey Birdette’s New Glamorous New York Collection Launch Drops Jaws

The team at Man of Many takes pride in the long hours they put into research on the best clobber, technology, and on gears for gents. This means they have to delve deep into the internet for answers to what their readers what to see. They go through all this so that they can satisfy their readers who itch for outstanding content to keep them ahead of the game. Just like everything else, the team also faces challenges and the greatest one when it comes to writing for men, is that it can be a tad repetitive. Due to this, they to switch things for the ladies, just to keep the readers’ interest.

Just recently, an Australian luxury lingerie maker known as Honey Birdette went ahead to release a New York Collection. In line with their recent launch, they have released and shared numerous pictures of the launch that boasts their new line of work. The Honey Birdette Campaign boasts of some fresh new lingerie such as Miss D, Brittney, Alex, and Luna. The shoot was done in the heart of New York, New York City and it featured Australia’s own Sarah Stevens, a former runway model for Victoria Secret’s. The other model involved was in the shoot was Bryana Holly, an American swimwear model, and actress. The shoot was staged beautifully to capture great sites such as New York’s skyline, the amazing Ghatwal Hotel as well as the city’s passion and color.

The line boasts of lingerie made of exquisite material and also include the signature product for Honey Birdette, satin, and delicate eyelash lace. The collection has an amazing show of sophistication and glamor which expresses the decadence in the entire collection. The New York Collection shall only be available in Honey Birdette Boutiques in the UK, Australia, and their online store.

The Efforts of George Soros in Raising the Dignity of Humanity Up

George Soros, a billionaire and hedge fund manager, is known for his philanthropic efforts that raise the dignity of humanity up. It is no wonder to say, as his works are well-thought, aiming a beautiful world of equality, and free thinking encouraged that gives comprehensive solutions. Across the world, he is a fighting figure against injustice and inequality, and this was visible many times in the past. Soros is an open critic of President Donald Trump and his policies, and he made some massive contributions to defeat Trump in 2016 Presidential Election. Soros was deeply concerned by the divisive speeches of Trump and his chaotic policies on various issues.

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It is reported by Politico that Soros contributed more than $25 million to Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates’ election funding. He also helped to improve the voter turnout through increased participation, and a $5 million went to Immigrant Voters Win, a super PAC that is working to improve the turnout from low-propensity Hispanic voters in the crucial states. Soros also contributed another $5 million to Voting Rights Trust, a group working to defend the efforts of conservatives to implement restrictive voting. He also made a contribution of $2 million America Votes, a voter mobilization group that works for increased voters’ participation. Learn more on about George Soros.

Apart from political contributions, Soros is also known for contributing various social issues. He was the primary financial source for the Ferguson protests that became a strong movement against racial discrimination at the end of 2014. He encouraged the movements through regular funding and active mobilization of groups for years, to bring widespread change in the attitude of the administration and the officials. The Washington Times reported that George Soros contributed more than $33 million within a year to create the movement from the grass root level. It was reported that most of these contributions were channeled through his Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society Foundations have made considerable efforts bring the protest to the national level. It even converted a one-day criminal event that reported in Missouri to a 24-hour-a-day national cause protest. The OSF foundations collaborate with a number of social justice groups to make a resistance against the racial attacks. The groups funded by Soros remotely monitor issues that happen in various localities and brings it to national prominence to showcase the misstep of conservatives. Additionally, it goes together with news media by providing academic research and editorials to keep the stories alive.

George Soros was born in a Hungarian Jewish family and migrated to England after the Second World War. He graduated from London School of Economics, and during his college days, he encountered with Open Society concept raised by philosopher Karl Popper. After graduation, Soros migrated to the United States and started working as a Stock Broker in Wall Street. In 1969, he founded Double Eagle hedge fund that subsequently became Soros Fund Management. While his business was expanding, Soros started contributing to various philanthropic causes. He contributed more than $13 billion to various charity missions in the past three decades. Learn more about George at Biography.

The Life and Achievements of Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is a well known Mexican entrepreneur and business man, that is pretty popular in the world of marketing and retail. He is a big investor and believes in creating innovation. He first started in business when he first opened his first ever franchise Japanese fast food chain in Mexico at the age of 21 years old. Omar Yunes is one of the most successful business owners that also changed the way service is supposed to be perceived, by creating only world-class customer experiences. Through his endeavors, it allowed him to earn successful business units for the country. In 2015, Omar Yunes joined a franchise competition and won the best franchise of the world through his Sushi-Itto franchise, Mexicano. The competition took place in Florence, Italy on December 5th, 2015. The voting committee at the time considered his franchise contributions to brand that he is partnering with. At present, his franchise has a total of 13 outlets that have represented a total of 10% of the brand that he has.

All of his franchise stores are scattered all over the country including the main cities like Puebla, Mexico City, and Veracruz. He had mentioned that he had been thrilled with his progress over the years due to all of his achievements. Because of his leadership traits, he was able to lead a total of 400 employees for all of his 13 franchise locations. He also thanked the company’s participation towards the support of his innovation since they have been extremely approving of his expansions.

The competition that Omar Yunes joined, which was the BFW edition, was joined by brands from a total of 34 countries which included countries like Italy, Hungary, France, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Portugal. Each of these franchise outlets is graded based on the business unit contributions to the network, the motivation that they deliver, as well as the amount of influence they have on various people.

Omar Yunes is good at what he does, and until now he continues to change the lives of many individuals through his leadership qualities, his love for business, and of course his passion for food.

Richard Mishaan Design: Taking Design to Another Level

If you keep up with architecture, fashion and design news, you probably know who Richard Mishaan is. The design guru is known for his unique taste and blend of both architecture and fashion into his interior designs. His firm, the Richard Mishaan Design, is one of the leaders in the interior design sector. The firm is known and reputed for creating styles that are both artistic and timeless.



For over 25 years, Richard Mishaan Design has done interior design for residential and commercial clients from all over the world. The firm also has many clients in the hospitality industry. For many years now, the firm has been selected on AD 100 and the famous Elle Décor A List. Their projects have led to their recognition thanks to their innovativeness and creativity.



With many clients from all around the world, Richard Mishaan design continues to offer high-quality services. From design development to branding and executing their designs, the firm is engaged in marketing initiatives to sell their brand to even more people. The firm’s Principal, Mr. Mishaan, has also collaborated with other brands and has five licenses in various design categories.



About Richard Mishaan



Richard Mishaan is known for being the brains behind Richard Mishaan Design but he is not your regular designer. He is unique in the manner in which he executes his interior design ideas through Richard Mishaan Design. His roots also help him with the quality and luxurious hints in his work. He was born in Colombia and his career kicked off with a position as an apprentice in Phillip Johnson’s offices. He is also a graduate from the New York University where he earned his BA. He is also an alumnus of the Colombia University where he got his degree in architecture.



Apart from being an architect and interior designer, he is also an author. He has written two books which were published by the famous Monacelli Press.

The Fun Colors Of EOS

Previously, when you went to pick out a new lip balm, you only had a couple of choices. They were bland and in a cylinder tube with a list of active ingredients that made it feel more like a medication. You only used it to keep you lips healthy.

The makers of the Evolution Of Smooth, or EOS noticed this problem and created the solution. EOS comes in fun colors and flavors to make using a lip balm product more enjoyable. The sphere container is softer to the touch than the old plastic tube and even has little grooves for your fingers to make it easy to hold, navigate here at

Unlike the other lip balm products, EOS appeals to the senses. The touch of the container, the look of the colors on the containers, and the taste and smell of the lip balm. These products cost about the same as the other lip balm products as well and can be found in many stores, you can browse more EOS products here on

EOS is also made with organic ingredients and is hypoallergenic. This takes away the long active ingredient list. These products also contain antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter, and jojoba oil. EOS is also free of paraben and petrolatum.

Once you get hooked on the lip balm, you may be curious to try the other products. EOS also makes lotion and shave creams using the same organic standards they use for the lip balm. Many celebrities have tried the EOS products and enjoy them. With the comparable price to other products, everyone has the opportunity to try these wonderful skin care products, check over here.

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Specialized Orthopedic Conditions Require the Exceptional Treatment of Dr. Greg Finch

Spinal conditions are one of the leading causes for needing an orthopedic surgeon. The skeletal system is extremely delicate with nerve roots, tendons, bones, muscles, joints and ligaments. Orthopedic surgeons are sought when patients need to consider relief for chronic pain. Patients look for surgeons who are specifically trained or who specialize in spinal surgery.

Orthopedic surgeries of the cervical spine, lumbar spine, hand and wrist, are the most common among all orthopedic procedures. The areas of the skeletal structure are vulnerable throughout a person’s daily activities, especially those who play sports. A cervical injury, or also known as neck injury, is very common among athletes and those who are involved in accidents. The neck is made up of seven vertebrae and sustaining an injury to this area can also radiate pain in other areas such as the arm, back and hands.

The lumbar spine, also known as the lower back, contains five vertebrae and it is the most flexible portion of the spine. Because of its wide range of flexibility, the lumbar spine is typically the most vulnerable for requiring orthopedic surgery. A patient can experience pain down to their feet because of lumbar pain. The thoracic spine, or upper back, is the only part of the spine that can be the least affected by pain, because of its proximity and firm attachment to the sternum and ribs within the body.

Dr. Greg Finch is a leading expert in the field of orthopedic surgery and specifically specializes in spinal surgery. Dr. Greg Finch also is trained and highly qualified in reconstruction surgery, deformity and spinal stenosis.

When Dr. Greg Finch conducted his research abroad in Germany and the United Kingdom, he worked alongside some of the world’s most renowned orthopedic surgeons. Dr. Greg Finch is a member of the Australian Orthopedic Society where he continually contributes his knowledge and expertise for orthopedic surgery.

Rona Borre Speaks of her Successes in the Staffing and Recruitment Sector

Rona Borre is the founder and CEO of Instant Alliance, an IT Staffing and Recruitment agency based in Chicago. Rona started her company in her condo back in 2001, and presently, it is an internationally recognized female owned corporation with significant annual returns. Rona is a graduate of the University of Arizona where he obtained her Business Degree.  More of this on

Because of her successes, Borre has conducted several interviews with top media outlets like CNBC, USA Today, CBS 2 Chicago and CNN among several others. During a recent interview, Borre explained how she started Instant Alliance from scratch. Rona Borre began working in the staffing and recruitment market after clearing her college studies. During this time, she grew her client base and book of business to nearly 30 MM each year. After leaving the company to start her venture, most of the clients she had earlier placed in organizations assisted her in making her way up in the industry. As such, Rona recommends that an entrepreneur should have excellent customer relations as people will remember you later.  For the full interview, click

Borre further elucidated that to build a successful business one has to put in place proper work ethics as well as have access to a lot of data and its analytics. This is because one can make informed decisions when they have all answers to the critical issue made possible by having a great data analytic system.

Other than her role in managing Instant Alliance, Rona holds other leadership positions at Chicago Network, Young President’ Organization, and The Economic Club Of Chicago.  Related article on this.

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Burch Creative Capital Found Chris Burch on Ideas and Inventions That Might Better the World

Discussing his company Burch Creative Capital in this CEOCFO Magazine interview: , Chief Executive Officer and founder Chris Burch reveals a philosophy that is constantly evolving. Rather than looking for the creative and innovative ideas that his company invests in within the obvious areas of technology that are in our faces on a daily basis, Burch is nurturing entrepreneurs who are traveling in areas that see less traffic but are ripe for creative exploration.

Within industries that range from fashion to senior living to alternative living spaces to municipal lighting, Burch’s company invests in ideas that speak to him on a gut level but go way beyond simply having an effect on him to making a splash on society as a whole. The ideas that get Chris Burch’s attention are bold in a way that can be what he calls “disruptive” to culture, yet high quality in a way that allows for some subtlety.

Burch points out that inspiring inventions that grab the imagination on a creative level and find their way to fruition are much more than just the idea, the people who create the capital that does make its way into the culture aren’t just operating on inspiration, they are tenacious and have often had to endure countless failures and return to the drawing board over and over again, asking question and refining ideas; these are the creators and creations that tend to get his attention, and that Burch Creative Capital thrives on incubating .  Hop over to for related news.

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In addition to Burch Creative Capital, Christopher Burch is owner of Nihiwatu, a five star island resort located in Indonesia., for more of this, click   The brands that he has invested in over the years have spanned a wide range of industries including travel, finance, fashion, technology, and others where there is room for ideas to grow and improve lives. Mr. Burch is co-founder of fashion label Tory-Burch, and has invested in Ellen Degeneres’s ED imprint, also serving as a key component of the success of more than 40 companies over his four decade career.  Check

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