A Review Of Vincent Parascandola’s Impressive Career In The Insurance Industry

AXA’s success is anchored on its transformative leadership. The insurance holding firm boasts of visionary leaders such as Vincent Parascandola, who have worked hard to ensure that the company runs as a going concern. The corporation has recruited employees from diverse background. This strategy has played a pivotal role in enhancing the entity’s cohesion.

Vincent Parascandola joined AXA Advisors in 2004. At the company, the executive leader is charged with different responsibilities such a sales, recruitment, retention, management development, productivity, and development of new professions. Vinny has succeeded in augmenting the company’s growth considering that he has been in the industry for over 25 years.

Parascandola started his career in the insurance industry in 1987. He worked for Prudential Company as an agent. When he joined the company, Vinny devised innovative strategies that helped in improving the company’s productivity and profitability margins. To this end, Vinny was named the National Rookie of the Year in his first year at the company.

After three years at Prudential, Vinny sought for more challenging and new experiences by joining MONY Life Insurance in 1990. For 14 years, Vinny rendered his expertise in different positions. Within this period, he gained extensive management experience in both local and regional undertakings.

At AXA, Parascandola has rendered his services in various positions. He has served as the president of The Advantage Group. Notably, Vincent has been the co-manager of the company’s New York Metro Branch where he was in charge of over 400 professionals. He has also been the company’s divisional president.

As a proof of his exemplary leadership skills, Vinny has been awarded numerous management awards. Vincent was the recipient of GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards. Notably, Vinny is a respected public speaker. Owing to his vast experience in the insurance sector, Vincent has been invited to speak on different platforms and conferences, most of which have been hosted by GAMA and LIMRA. Vincent Parascandola is a member of GAMA. The business leader holds a bachelor’s of science degree from the New York-based Pace University. In 2014, he returned to the university to deliver a commencement speech to the graduating class of 2014.

Bruce R. Bent, American Businessman and Inventor of the First Money Market Fund

A money market fund is a mutual fund that is open-ended to invest in debt securities on a short-term basis such as commercial paper and Treasury Bills.

Money Market Funds
Money market funds are considered to be as safe as deposits in the bank although they provide a higher yield. According to the Regulated Investment Company Act of 1940, these funds provide essential liquidity to intermediaries in the financial business.

The main goal of a money market fund is to limit the exposure to huge losses due to market, liquidity, and credit risks. Also, a money market fund usually purchases the highest debt that is rated and matures in less than 13 months. Unlike the other main financial instruments, money markets must maintain a $1 per share value. Money markets can invest in securities such as repurchase agreements, short-term bonds, and commercial paper. However, the securities of the money markets must be of high quality and liquidity.

Who should have a Money Market Fund
Money Market Funds are applicable where dividends have to be paid to investors. Investors can buy shares of the market funds through banks and brokerage firms. The main purpose of the money market is to give investors a safe place to invest cash-equivalent assets easily.

Money Market Funds are categorized as low-return and low-risk investments. Therefore, investors who participate in retirement plans that are employer-sponsored cannot use these funds as a long-term investment plan. This is because they will not receive the capital appreciation required to meet their financial goals.

About Bruce Bent
Bruce Bent is the President and Vice Chairman of Double Rock Corporation. The corporation is a top financial and technology company that provides banks and retail markets with the most innovative cash solutions and management strategies. Mr. Bent serves as a senior executive to the wholly owned subsidiaries of Double Rock which include Intrasweep LLC, Access Control Advantage Inc., Lids Capital LLC, Island Intellectual Property LLC, and Landing Rock Group LLC.

Bruce Bent is also a pioneer in the retirement services and cash management businesses. He was named as one of the most successful Chief Executive Officers in the world in the Leadership Secrets book. Mr. Bent holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Philosophy from Northeastern University.

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Securus Technologies Offers Some Great Solutions of Communications

Securus Technologies is bringing communications to a whole new level with its video conferencing technology in which individuals who are currently incarcerated can engage in visitation sessions with their significant others, relatives, co-workers, and/or friends. It is highly recommended for citizens to encourage the courts that are responsible for taking action in the local correctional facilities to have Securus Technologies installed, as there are many benefits to be had for everyone.


One may be thinking that Securus Technologies solely benefits inmates and their visitors; however, that is far from true. Securus Technologies also benefits communities, as crimes that may currently be occurring in the correctional facility, or one that may potentially occur and is being spoken about, can be investigated on and solved through the monitoring capabilities law enforcement officials have. If there is a reason to proceed with investigations, then law enforcement officials can hand over evidence to the courts to proceed with sentencing upon valid and full instances of investigations.


Securus Technologies offers a form of communication that is convenient for visitors of inmates, as they will no longer be required to travel specified distances from their places of residence to the correctional facility where their relative, friend, co-worker, colleague, or significant other may be confined in. If you think you can benefit from the Securus Technologies program, but are unsure about whether it is available for utilization at the particular correctional facility the inmate is confined in, please do not hesitate to ask the customer service representatives, as they should be able to provide you with your needed answer. Securus Technologies’ website currently has a press release section which allows people to stay updated on what the company has been doing and what they may be doing in the future. Please do not hesitate to visit, as they have information that can be considered as being quite valuable to you.


CEO of OSI Group: Sheldon Lavin. Multiple Times Winner of the Global Visionary Award


Work Background

Mr. Sheldon Lavin came into the industry about 43 years ago and had a great career as an investor in the banking industry and had his own financial consulting company. He became CEO of the OSI group. Lavin’s journey to the meat business started in 1970 when he facilitated the financing for Otto and Sons which was the earlier name for OSI Industries, LLC. He had a chance to develop a meat processing facility.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. Mr. Lavin is the President of OSI International Foods Ltd. He is the general trustee of Rush University Medical Center. He used to serve as a Director of National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

What is the Global Visionary Award?

The Global Visionary award honors visionaries in different fields who have converted their dreams into reality by exhibiting persistence to achieve their objectives. Learn More.

When Did Mr. Sheldon Lavin Receive the Award?

CEO Sheldon Lavin got the award on 20 Feb. 2016 at the Gujrat Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Mr. Lavin guided the OSI Group company since the year 1995 and operated eight locations all through India, providing custom processing of vegetables, fruit and meat.

What Awards Hasthe OSI Group Received Since Sheldon Lavin’s Has Been CEO?

OSI Group has received many awards over the years, and that includes awards for health management and safety risks and also environmental management.

OSI Food Solutions UK was awarded the 2016 Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council. The company received this prestigious award due to its environment risk management strategies. OSI Food Solutions was given the award in London. OSI Group also received the environmental award on 25 Nov. 2016.

OSI Group has grown to great extent with international acquisitions, expansions and enhanced revenue. Chief Executive Officer, Sheldon Lavin recognized the business again for its great performance in sales for facilitating, cooking, packaging and processing solutions. He manages the everyday operations and also the management team at the location and leads the company to great success.

https://companycheck.co.uk/director/914542187/MR-SHELDON-LAVIN/summary for more .

EOS-Lip Therapy for Everyday

EOS lip balms are known for their cute orb shape that is unlike anything on the lip care market. They are 100 percent natural and 95 percent organic and come in seemingly limitless flavors that you just can’t resist.

With flavors like Passion Fruit, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Summer Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, Sweet Mint, Pomegranate raspberry and Blueberry Acai in their Organic Smooth orb collection, it’s hard to decide which one to try first.

EOS lip balm also has Visibly Soft orbs that come in Vanilla Mint, Blackberry Nectar, and Coconut milk. They are rich with vitamins C and E, shea butter, and jojoba oil to make your lips extremely soft. They are also paraben-free, petrolatum-free, and phthalate-free.

The Shimmer Smooth collection comes in Pearl and Sheer Pink and will not only nourish your lips, but will give your smile a nice shimmer, as well. The Shimmer lip balms have vitamin E and jojoba oil as well as shea butter to nourish and moisturize. They are also easy to use thanks to their twist-off top and easy to apply balm that glides onto your lips smoothly. For details, click on amazon.ca.

The Organic Smooth Stick collection comes in Vanilla Bean, Sweet Mint, and Raspberry Pomegranate and are loaded with vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil. They are also gluten-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. Follow EOS on facebook.com.

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EOS products are meant to pamper and nourish your lips and come in a range of flavors that will suit every mood, season, and outfit. They are small and easy to throw into your tote and are the perfect go-to for dry lip therapy. The twist-off lid makes it easy to open and the natural ingredients will make you feel great that you are putting good, wholesome things on your body, rather than harsh chemicals that are not only bad for you, but for the environment. More of this on walgreens.com

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The Post Trump Market

A lot of people today need help with investing and planning. There are few people who have a plan for their future without talking with a professional. One of the benefits of professional investing is that you can learn how to help other people in the right areas. Investing is not as hard as many people think it is. On the other hand, if you will make the right decisions for your area you can start to build wealth for the future. Timothy Armour has a lot of experience in investing in the stock market. If you want to learn about building wealth, he is the type of person who you should listen to. Not only that, but he truly cares for the people who he is working with over the long term.

Timothy Armour

From the time that he started in the investing world, Timothy Armour has been passionate about adding value to other people over time. There are a lot of people who look up to the hard work that he has put in over the years. He is a leading voice of change in this area, and he is excited about all of the changes that are starting to take place as well. If you are ready to learn how to help others, this is the way to go. Timothy Armour has proven that he has a track record of success within this area of his business. Click here to know more.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Timothy Armour is a great person who loves to help others with stock marketing investing. The Post-Trump market is one that a lot of people are trying to navigate. Although the returns in the market have been high, a lot of people are saying that we could be going into a bubble with the current market trends.


Christopher Burch’s Nihiwatu’s Success

Christopher Burch is a perfect example of a strategic investor. He doesn’t just invest in one sort of opportunity; he invests in anything he believes will be successful. After 40 years of being an investor and an entrepreneur, it’s safe to say that he has a pretty good eye for spotting business potential.

He’s most known as the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, related article on bjtonline.com. He founded the company based on his personal philosophy of investing. The company encompasses his entrepreneurial values and his outlook on market opportunities. He prides his company on being able to apply imagination, creativity, and incubation in a strategy manner.

His particular style of investment usually ends in a positive way. His investments often lead to brands and businesses having a direct, lasting impact on consumers. Much of skill set comes from successfully rising more than 50 companies across all types of industries. His ability to connect innovation to impact is what makes him such a well-respected man.

Chris Burch tends to pursue ideas that seem challenging and will have an impact on people’s lives. Many of the companies he’s been a part of were in retail, home furnishings, organic foods, and technology industries. Most recently, Chris Burch got into the hospitality industry.

He found a hotel investment opportunity that was too good to pass up. Jumping into the hospitality industry blind can be a very difficult feat. To ensure the hotel’s success, Burch went into business with a renowned hotelier, James McBride. Together, that bought a beach-front hotel on the Indonesian island of Sumba.

Although the purchasing price was never disclosed, it has been revealed that they spent an additional $30 million on renovations. They reopened the hotel as a five-star resort in 2015 and named it Nihiwatu. In 2016, Nihiwatu was voted the “Best Hotel in the World” by Travel + Leisure.

In an interview, Burch talked about how this project was different from all his previous businesses. He explained that he bought the hotel for his children. He wanted to have something that he could leave behind for them to have and preserve. It was also an excellent way to give back to the community.

He went on to talk about how lucky he felt to have been a part of the project. Often do projects not live up to the hype.  Check on fashionista.com for some interesting read.

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To read additional article about Burch, hit on http://mashable.com/2013/07/21/christopher-burch-interview/

Chris Burch!! The Hand of Midas?

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. The company’s investment is an expression of his entrepreneurial values. Chris Burch has a great vision for new market opportunities, applying imagination and using all the creative ideas and putting them all together to make one single masterpiece. This masterpiece then leads Chris Burch to a great fortune which lasts lifetime. Chris Burch seeks to put a positive and never ending impact on his customers lives to make them permanent customers. Check on burchcreativecapital.com.

Chris Burch has had a 40 plus year career as an investor.  Chris Burch was often called the Hand of Midas because he participated in the rise of more than 50 major companies. Chris Burch has made contacts worldwide and has gained a lot experience in this business and knows where to invest and how to make an impact on the market, for a related article, head over to prnewswire.com.

Chris Burch supports the development of lifestyle and consumer products and many more international major brands because they all benefit Chris Burch due to his investment in the business and Chris Burch is always ready to invest in anything which can give profit for a lifetime. , check this here

After finding out that his rivals are investing in world renowned retail brands, Chris Burch is focusing on something new, . The new industry, on which Chris Burch is focusing on is none other than hospitality.  For updates on Burch timeline activities, click on crunchbase.com.

Chris Burch bought a beach hotel along with his friend James McBride. This hotel is situated on an island in Sumba. Chris Burch and James McBride purchased this hotel in 2012 and spent over $30 million to renovate the whole building and made it the world’s best resort with all kinds of services available there. This resort earned so much fortune and provided its customers with quality food and service that it was voted as the best resort ever and all credit goes to Chris Burch for this.

Chris Burch was often asked about the reason to make a resort at such place and Chris always had the same answer, “This whole resort is not for me, I have bought it just because of my children because I want them to know that we can give back to the people just as they give us. I want them to know that there are some things which are only possible at specific places”. Nihiwatu has 27 private villas including the Raja Mendaka which is actually Chris Burch’s private home.

Have a peek of an interesting article here on http://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/christopher-maya-j-christopher-burch-hamptons-house-article

Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina and the Art of Branding

Talk Fusion Founder & CEO Bob Reina has become one of the bigger tech entrepreneurs on the internet today. His work as a video marketing and communication solutions consultant has helped to elevate Talk Fusion into one of the elite companies on the internet in terms of connecting customers and their corresponding companies. Due to his expertise we have seen Bob Reina become an active contributor on many platforms including the recently re-designed and re-branded Huffington Post. Reina’s beein contributing to the Huffington Post for the past two years and his latest work is particularly timely in the wake of HuffPost’s re-branding efforts.


The Huffington Post has been a news source mainstay for years now but the team behind the scenes decided that they needed a somewhat new direction to follow. The Huffington Post decided to re-name themselves the HuffPost in order to focus on their new goal: giving a voice to those that have been held back and left out of the entire public conversation. Reina, a marketer and entrepreneur by trade, can definitely understand the importance of giving a voice to those that have been shirked by the system. In fact his two most recent works can relate directly to the topic at hand.


Heading to the new HuffPost website you can find Reina’s most recent articles: “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience” as well as “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters.” These articles are timely in that they accurately reflect what HuffPost is trying to do with their new branding efforts. The HuffPost is using his advice, even if it is just tacitly, in order to find their compass in a constantly evolving marketplace where the consumers are the readers and vice versa.


When asked about HuffPost’s re-branding decision Reina had some simple and powerful words ready, “I’m a firm believer int he art of innovation. A brand’s growth is never complete.” It is this mindset that has allowed Reina to find so much success in a world that is constantly evolving. Reina’s success with talk Fusion is testament enough to his expertise in the field.

The Business Career and Real Estate Acquisitions of Chris Burch

After being a very successful entrepreneur in the fashion industry, Chris Burch would go on to become an active investor in real estate. His most recent investment has been a hostel in Indonesia. Chris teamed up with hotel tycoon James McBride to purchase the hostel on the island of Sumba and develop it into a luxury resort. Within a few years, the two named it Nihiwatu and established it into one of the very best resorts in the world. With a number of luxurious amenities, the resort would allow travelers to have a great experience on a regular basis. As a result of its reputation as being a luxurious resort, it was named as the best in the world by well known publications such as Travel & Leisure, refer to businessinsider.com for related article. This investment has also been a valuable addition to the real estate portfolio of Chris Burch.

Once the resort received critical acclaim as a top establishment, Chris sat down for an interview, refer to bjtonline.com for this.  During the interview, Chris would talk about his opinion of the resort and also why he purchased it. Burch said that the resort has turned out to be a much better quality facility than he ever thought possible. He believes that projects such as this usually don’t turn out as well as you hope. However, this was an exception and he believes that the resort has turned out to become a great addition to his real estate holdings. Along with believing that the resort has become better than expected, Burch also says that the resort is very good due to the unique luxuries it offers. When talking in the interview, Chris said that he bought the resort for his children and as a way to give back to his community.

The Nihiwatu resort is yet another addition to the real estate investment portfolio of Chris Burch. Over the course of his career he has purchased a number of other properties and developed them into top establishments. Chris Burch acquired property in Buenos Aires Argentina and made it into one of the top hotels in the world. Burch would also purchase and develop another top hotel in South Beach as well. These real estate holdings are part of his company called Burch Creative Capital, visit their website here.

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Along with possessing real estate, Burch has been well established in the fashion industry. Chris started up and built a clothing company that sold sweaters shortly after he finished college. He also became the co chairman of another fashion company known as Tory Burch.

For further reading, hit http://www.forbes.com/profile/christopher-burch/