Microsoft to Hire the Autistic

Microsoft is proving its belief in diversity by hiring autistic individuals as full time employees. Autistic people have amazing gifts in detail and memory retention that are astounding. They can recreate intricate pictures from seeing an object just once, and excel in highly advanced math. Microsoft sees these traits as great strengths that can be built upon. They believe that they can raise their company to great heights by including people from all walks of life, all cultures, and also the disabled. said Microsoft customers are very diverse, so by reflecting that diversity in the employees that they hire, the company gains a greater knowledge and perspective of how to make products for a wide variety of people. This isn’t the first time that Microsoft has hired the disabled. They have been participating in Supported Employment programs for many years. Supported Employment programs assist people with mental and physical disabilities in get placed in jobs that aid in rehabilitating them.

Etsy Hits The NASDAQ

The popular online crafting marketplace, Etsy just became ridiculously prevalent. Etsy has nearly doubled in IPO, now valued at $3.4 billion. This puts this e-commerce website in the ranks with competitors Amazon and eBay.


The Brooklyn-based company opened their first day of trading on the NASDAQ at $31 per share. Etsy priced its offering that evening, raising $267 million. Approximately $213 million of that money will be returned directly to Etsy. This will leave an open playing field for the company, with great opportunities for expansion. The rest of the money will be returned to the early investors of the craft marketplace.


Sam Tabar has learned that Etsy made a statement noting that $300,000 of the proceeds will go directly to, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating women and other under-represented populations. The company is rooted in helping others succeed while encouraging entrepreneurs and creativity.


Etsy hosts a number of self-started companies and entrepreneurs selling various homemade and other craft-type items. The website is diverse in the products available, ranging from furniture to jewelry to soap. They are focus entrepreneurs selling handmade, vintage and supplies within their global marketplace.


During the NASDAQ celebration, Etsy invited sellers from around the world to represent the Etsy Market in New York City’s Time Square. They wanted the world to get a sample of the diversity offered within their marketplace. Each seller represents a different story, making their organization unique.


New Government Information Reveals Higher Minimum Wage Equals More Job Growth

The 13 States That Raised Minimum Wage This Year Are Adding More Jobs Faster Than The States That Did Not Change The Minimum Wage

A new Labor Department report reveals an interesting fact. A higher minimum wage mean faster job growth. That is not what the government expected. The Congressional Budget Office said raising the minimum wage would help bring almost a million people out of poverty, but that increase would cost the nation 500,000 jobs.Instead of being a job disaster, raising the minimum wage is a job stimulator.

Some economists say it’s too early to say that the increase and job growth are related. Some of the job growth was due to gas and oil boom in states like North Dakota. That may be true, but increasing the minimum wage does have an impact on people that need an extra incentive to find a job. Folks at STX Entertainment know that working for under $10 an hour is not standard procedure in this country anymore, even though Congress would like it to be.

When more data is analyzed, more states will come out of the dark ages and raise the minimum wage. It’s the moral thing to do, and it does make economic sense.

Bank of America Disappoints

Bank of America reported earnings today that disappointed investors despite swinging back to a profit from a loss in the prior year quarter. Investor Dan Newlin was expecting a higher return from earnings and the stock price has decreased slightly as a result.

Earnings were disappointing particularly as competitors JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo both beat analyst expectations. Large banks meet numerous challenges in the current economic climate as lending rates are kept low through fed action which limits the amount that lenders can charge for mortgages. Increased regulations are leading to banks increasing head count to meet the regulatory hurdles when the banking business needs are decreasing. As such, banks are trying to trim expenses by reducing the counts in non-regulatory related sections of their business while adhering to increased regulatory costs and capital reserve requirements.

The loss in the prior year quarter was caused mostly by $6 billion of legal expenses that were in connection with some large settlements of mortgage loan suits led by the Federal Government, mostly connected to the Company’s acquisition of Countrywide during the financial crisis.

Bank of America, which is the nation’s second largest bank by assets, reported earnings of $0.27 per share in the current year quarter compared to a loss of $0.05 per share in the prior year quarter. This profit beat expectations by $0.01 per share but the company fell short on revenue which fell by almost 7% compared to a pickup by JP Morgan of 5%.

CEO to Raise Employees’ Salaries to a Minimum of $70,000

Dave Price, CEO of Gravity Payments, a Seattle credit card payment processing firm, announced that he will be raising his workers’ annual pay to $70,000. At the present time, the average worker at his firm earns $48,000. His raises will go to even the lowest paid clerk.

“The market rate for me as a CEO compared to a regular person is ridiculous – it’s absurd,” said Price. He intends to lower his own salary to $70,000 and use 75 to 80 percent of his profits to finance the raises. Other owners, such as Flavio Maluf, see this as a huge step forward.

The paychecks of 30 of the 120 employees will double. Price got the idea from an article he read about happiness, which pointed out that those earning less than $70,000 say extra money makes a big difference.

Price’s idea shows the huge difference between the pay of CEOs and the average worker in the United States, which has one of the world’s widest pay gaps. CEOs in America have 300 times the salary of the average-paid employee. During the Gilded Age of the late 1800’s, business titans were referred to as the Robber Barons. J. Pierpont Morgan recommended at the time that salaries of the elite be 20 times that of their employees.

GOP Wants to Continue Giving to the Very Fortunate

The heirs and heiresses of America will receive a 269 billion dollar tax break if the Republicans prevail on their upcoming inheritance tax legislation. Folks at STX Entertainment ( have learned that the very richest families will likely get another big break if this proposal to repeal the inheritance tax is successful.

Economists blame much of the widening economic inequality on the unearned wealth that is passed down to next generations due to money that is inherited. Even money earned on inheritance investments will be exempt from taxes because part of the bill includes elimination of the capital gains tax on inherited property.

Wealthy people have benefited from concessions made by Democrats in the recent past to keep critical child health care funding in place and to prevent a fall off of the 2013 fiscal cliff.

Protecting the very richest families from taxes on income that is not earned is not fair to the American people.

What in the world is the GOP thinking when it acts to protect people who are nearly 16 thousand percent richer than the average American?

To be sure, this legislation is not proposed with most of us in mind.

Renault: 2000 CVs Received In A Month Against 1000 Vacancies

In February, Renault announced the recruitment of 1000 CDI, and as much in apprenticeships. The announcement was really heard as the automaker has received over 2,000 resumes against these announced posts, said on Wednesday by Carlos Ghosn, CEO of the group. This recruitment campaign comes after Renault’s growth, with net profit for 2014 more than tripled to 1.89 billion euros. Experts say, it is a promising activity level that allows the group to create many jobs. “These recruitments (…) show that our competitiveness efforts are bearing fruit,” Carlos Ghosn welcomed the response provided by the huge number of applicants during the recruitment campaign. It is noteworthy that a competitiveness agreement was signed in March 2013 with unions, committing the group to keep its factories in France, in exchange for concessions on working hours and wages.

Following benefits last year, Renault has now encrypted its employment target for the year 2015. And it is not less than 1,000 people who will be recruited. Sam Tabar ( agrees that the ad is actually the logical continuation of the agreements reached in 2013, when the production target of 710,000 vehicles per year in France was set. In 2012, it was 530,000 vehicles that had been produced.

Mark Ahn Sees Entrepreneurship In New Light

Mark Ahn, who I’ve talked about before, shared his insights recently on Entrepreneur Podcast Network. Bioentrepreneurship is Mark’s specialty. His consulting company, Pukana Partners, Inc., provides bedrock strategies for both large and small biotech companies, so let’s hear what Mark has to say about recent trends in entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs operate with cutting edge technologies and innovative business strategies. First, our digitalized economy encourages older enterprises to develop new marketing techniques. Think of a website, such as Airbnb, Inc., and how much more exposure it receives than a print-only marketing campaign for a traditional bed and breakfast operation. Second, the globalization of capital markets ensures that entrepreneurs need to think internationally to succeed. Finally, digital life sciences and biology tailor any medicine to the individual’s needs.

The rate of entrepreneurship has fallen recently. The recession curtailed many risk-taking individuals whose efforts may have created as much as 90 per cent of new jobs. In the 20-30 year-old demographic, lower participation in entrepreneurship may spring from student debt. Concurrently, life sciences took a leap forward in business model applications.

20-30 per cent of the time. The trend shifted to individualized medicine, in which cellular biology research provides designer drugs. For instance, hemophilia A may be cured by one injection, as opposed to traditional expensive treatment for life. This major change focuses on the patient becoming their own drug factory. New approaches in life sciences entrepreneurship mean that an entrepreneur may build a company from scratch to cure a complex disease, such as Alzheimer’s, and then go public or merge with established businesses. Mark sees this trend as 3 B’s: Bench, representing the laboratory research bench; Bedside, getting the cure to the patient; and Business Models, companies which change with the times to benefit from the trend.

For more from Mark Ahn, check him out on Twitter.

Federal Reserve Minutes Support Neutral To Gradual Speed

The Federal Reserve release its minutes from its last Open Market Committee meeting. The contents of those minutes revealed that their was a split in discussion as to when to start raising rates for the cost of money banks loan to each other. The Federal Reserve has been monitoring the economic indicators for the United States economy and have seen that while the country’s economy has turned the corner, the rate and the pace of the recovery is still not at a strength that would give the members of the Federal Reserve that a rate hike could be supported in the economy. Federal Reserve Maintains Steady Course In Light of Weak Job Growth

The result of the discussion during the meeting is that the Federal reserve will continue forward in neutral position meaning that at some point this year a rate hike will happen but which quarter it will be engaged is the salient question stated Marcio Alaor BMG. Many believe that a rate hike will not happen in the third quarter but will happen by either the fourth quarter or the first quarter of 2016.

The Federal Reserve has noted that housing starts have lagged but are still growing but they are more concerned about the production of jobs as many economist were disappointed with the March jobs reports which were half of what was expected. Only 126,000 jobs were created last month. Manufacturing was also off but economist expect a rebound in April as the continued depression in the price of oil spurs growth.

Considering Your Options For New York City Real Estate

There are many hurdles to cross for someone in the market for a piece of property not the least of which is the location they end up choosing. Whether it is an apartment to serve as an investment or a place to call home, New York City is as good a place as any to get started. Unfortunately, many property owners fail to appreciate the value of a real estate agent when shopping for their property, and the task turns into a nightmare. The smart ones will take a step back and engage the services of an experienced realtor who knows the town and the best options they might have.

Smart Choices

When it comes to shopping for property, one of the greatest challenges is the neighborhood you end up in. Your Real estate agents might be inclined to steer you to an area with lots of potential for a home you like, but what about the other issues. Town Real Estate has been helping their clients find some of the most luxurious properties based on the needs of the client. It is pointless purchasing an apartment or townhouse in an area where you are simply afraid to go outside. In addition to that, there will be the matter of property values and which direction the trends are heading.

Pick A Size

It will matter when it comes to the size of the property you choose, even more so because of where the residence is located. This is certainly not a time to be skimping on the size of your rooms, however, that extra square foot in the bedroom could translate into a smaller kitchen. If this property is intended to be an investment, there will be other concerns such as whether it is being occupied and how difficult it will be to find a tenant.


Choosing a Real Estate company like Town is more than just an opportunity to make your home-buying experience a convenient one. As a well-respected realtor in the big Apple, Town Real Estate can provide a fair share of references to confirm that they know what clients are looking for. It is not just about picking a winning team; it is also about finding someone to help you make important decisions regarding NYC apartments for sale. When it comes to New York City, the right team will be the ones who help you get the best property in the prime location.